Top 5 Best LoL Support Streamers To Watch

Hello, League of Legends fans, how are your ranked matches progressing? Do you have enough League Points to advance to a higher tier or do you need a few more wins? The ranked season is the most important time in the League of Legends, and the players are trying to beat themselves and reach a new basic record (and a little fame is not out of the question). 

Today we are going to talk about a very popular trend that is increasingly taking its place in the gaming community, and that is streaming. A streamer can be anyone who likes to have contact with the audience, while also having quality gaming equipment so that they can broadcast their matches live and at the same time entertain viewers with their comments. 

Today, there are various platforms on which streamers build their careers, and the best of them can make very good money from this career.

League of Legends is a mega-popular game that since 2009 holds a very high place in the ranking of popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. The rules are clear – two teams, red and blue, are fighting on a famous map called Summoner’s Rift. There are five players on each team who have different roles. 

According to these roles, they choose the champions with whom they will fight against the enemy team. In League of Legends, there are five roles – solo, mid, adc, support, and jungler. Champions are mostly intended for one role, but some of them can play two roles very well.

Today we are interested in support roles. Support roles are played on the bot lane, and the support champion has an important role – to keep adc ally alive. What is very important is that the support players really learn what are the tasks this role carries, and the first rule is that they never learn in the middle of a match. This can be disastrous, both for them and for the whole team.

Fortunately, there are streamers. And those support streamers will demonstrate the game with different support champions to show all interested players tips and tricks about some champions. New players should focus on streamers because they will learn everything they need to know, and at the same time reduce the risk of mistakes they can make on the map if they are not prepared.

In the continuation of this article, we have compiled a list of the top five best streamers who play support roles in the League of Legends. These five streamers are really worth watching, so you can start learning as soon as you read the article to the end.

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5. Lohpally

Lohpally plays on the NA server, and its streams are mostly intended for teaching new players. Lohpally is an extremely calm streamer so it is very pleasant to listen to and watch. When Riot releases a new patch, he makes tier lists and streams low elo to Challenger videos. 

With his lists, you can easily choose which champions you want to play and you will immediately see different types of matches. Indeed, choose Lohpally if you want to learn new things and at the same time watch quality content about League of Legends. 

With him and his streams, you will be able to learn many new tricks about support champions, and if you apply them in the game your skill will improve significantly, which is actually the goal of these educational videos with useful tips about the game. 

Find Lohpally on the Twitch channel or YouTube channel where you can find information about his work.

4. Aphromoo

Aphromoo, or full name Zaqueri Black is one of the best support streamers in the entire League of Legends community. Aphromoo currently plays for the FlyQuest team and does not stream often. However, he is a very quality player who is ready to teach new players everything they need to know about support champions. 

He is very calm as he explains and tries to explain his every move on the map, in addition to trying to explain how the abilities of individual champions work and when is the right time to use them. If you are a beginner player and you want to become professional support, then do not bypass Aphromoo because his advice will be very, very valuable. 

Aphromoo is one of the longest-serving players in the professional League of Legends, currently playing his 10th season. An additional reason to appreciate his advice even more!

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3. CoreJJ

CoreJJ is South Korean, currently playing for Team Liquid, and in 2017 he achieved great professional success by winning the World Championship with the Samsung Galaxy. He also plays on the NA server, and his videos are very educational, especially for new players who want to learn to play the support role. 

CoreJJ has its own YouTube channel where you can find a lot of his videos, in case you still can’t catch him streaming his games live. He is known for his support role guides where he explains in detail everything a player needs to know about this role. He also instructs new players on how to play support so well that they can carry the game with the support champion. 

Don’t miss a few of his videos because he is one of the best support players you can come across, his tips will help you a lot during the game, so remember them carefully.

2. Alicopter

Another player from the NA server, Alicopter, is known for his funny videos where in addition to advising and showing how to play a support role, he is mostly engaged in entertaining his viewers. 

He is known for his playing Alistar and Rammus, yes, you read that right, Rammus is his choice for support champion. Best of all he is really successful in his mission to portray both champions as successful supports. Even though Meta is not on his side, Alicopter is proof that sometimes rules can be circumvented. Of course, if it will bring victory to his team. 

His teammates are thrilled with his skill and the tactics with which Alistar and Rammus play their roles perfectly. If you want to watch a streamer that is fun and that will make you laugh, choose Alicopter, we guarantee you a lot of laughter and fun.

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1. Nasteey

In first place is Trevor, an English teacher in high school, better known as Nasteey. Nasteey plays on a NA server and is known as a high-elo support main. His videos are very educational; as if we can expect nothing less from this professor. 

Precisely because he knows how to transfer knowledge, Nasteey makes videos where he really helpfully explains every detail to help players understand how to play the support role. He really tries to record his videos, which is probably very demanding when you consider that he has a full-time job that takes a lot of his time. 

If you want to learn how to play support roles and improve your League of Legends skill (and probably jump to a higher tier) we advise you not to skip this teacher who will pass on his experience and knowledge in the best possible way. Find him on his YouTube channel and start learning today.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better way to learn all about support roles than to pick someone from this list where we’ve singled out the top 5 best support streamers in the League of Legends. However, this list is our individual choice, which means that you may not like one of the streamers, and you may be following someone we haven’t mentioned at all. 

It’s all a matter of taste so our advice is to watch one video from each and then decide if you like his way of streaming. Lastly, you won’t go wrong with whoever you choose because each of them can teach you at least a few new tricks that will be useful to you on Summoner’s Rift.

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