Best Low Elo ADCs in League of Legends

Hello League of Legends players! Are you ready for another League of Legends guide in which we will give you a few tips and tricks to improve your gameplay? Another League of Legends ranked season is underway and we all know what that means – lots of stress, lots of matches and high expectations. 

Every League of Legends player at the start of a new ranked season hopes to be much better this season and to reach a higher tier than last season. 

Of course, many factors depend on that, so it is very important to pay attention to the champions we play with and their build and strategy. 

Today we will present you the 5 best ADC champions with whom you will be able to get out of low elo very easily.

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What is Low Elo?

Low elo means your rating, it is marked based on the total number of your wins and losses in matches. According to your rating, the matchmaking system chooses how to connect you with opponents in queues. 

When players are in low elo they are more likely that if they are skilled they will get out of low elo faster and switch to high elo.

Players who are at the bottom of the ranked ladder, in the Iron, Bronze, Silver or even Gold tier, and play the ADC role, can find useful tips on how to improve their gaming skill and finally get out of these tiers. 

The ADC role is a big bite for all players, it is not easy to farm and carry the whole team at the same time, and this is the most common task that ADC players have. 

Not to mention that ADC players need to look out for their support player and have to work with their team, regardless of being considered the strongest link of their team.

Here we have prepared a list of the 5 best ADC champions with whom you will be able to quickly climb from low elo. All champions are intended for beginners, have simple abilities and are not difficult to master, so you will not need much time to learn to play them.

Of course, remember that with some champions it is much easier to climb in elo, and with some you still need to have a little more luck, so choose carefully.

5. Tristana

Tristana is one of the easiest ADC champions to master in the League of Legends. Tristana is known for her bombs that can kill any enemy champion, but also turret because she has the ability to place her bomb directly on the turret. 

Also, Tristana is very good at jumping, she can jump on enemy champions if they try to escape her, and also she can run away from them if she finds herself in danger. She is one of the champions who can do great in a 1v1 situation. 

Her bombs and the possibility of a quick escape will scare anyone who gets in her way. Also, Tristana is very good at cleaning lane and is therefore an ideal choice for split pushing. If you want to get out of that boring Silver tier, choose Tristana.

4. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a real femme fatale in the League of Legends. A strong, brave and courageous warrior is ready to fight against the enemy using her dangerous guns. 

She is very good at poking her enemies from a long distance, also her kit is very easy to learn, so new players often choose Miss Fortune for their main champion. At the beginning of the game, her focus is on farming, but she is strong even without an upgraded build. 

When she reaches level 6, she gets an ult called Bullet Time. That ult is meant to kill all enemy champions who are within range of her guns. 

With Miss Fortune, you are free to play aggressively, from the first minute, because you will get the opportunity to win a few early kills and increase your chances of becoming unstoppable later. 

When the game comes to its late stage and when teamfights start, Miss Fortune needs to find a good position not to be too exposed, and from there she just needs to throw her spells and wait for the right moment to drill her opponents with her guns.

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3. Darius

Darius represents fear and trembling on Summoner’s Rift. He’s specific in that he’s really aggressive while destroying enemy champions, and there’s blood everywhere, literally. 

He is special that while killing enemy champions, he heals himself at the same time. This makes him a strong and dangerous opponent who wins fights in most cases, so enemy champions have to think carefully before embarking on a fight with him. 

Darius is an aggressive champion, so players should make the most of his potential during the match. When he reaches level 6 he gets an ult called Noxian Guillotine, and with him the game gets even bloodier. 

The more blood his enemies lose, the stronger Darius becomes. Its climax happens during the late phase of the game where Darius gets a cooldown reset every time he kills an enemy champion which basically means he can go around the map and kill enemy champions to the last. 

If you want to show the enemy players who is in charge – choose Darius.

2. Ashe

Ashe is probably one of the champions you will meet first when you start playing League of Legends. Ashe is a quality ADC, ideally represents everything a Marksman needs to know and is capable of carrying the game by itself. 

During the laning phase, Ashe needs to farm all the time to collect gold as soon as possible and buy the necessary items. Also, since Ashe is a long-ranged champion she doesn’t have to worry about being in danger, she can stand under her turret and poke her enemies while she’s killing the minions from the safe zone. 

When the game comes to its late stage, Ashe has to wait for the right moment to use her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow which can stun her enemies long enough to finish them off on her own or leave the fight to her teammates. 

If you are a beginner, Ashe can be an ideal champion with whom you will learn what the ADC role should look like.

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1. Jinx

Did you expect Jinx in the first place of this list? Well, Jinx is deservedly the first choice for a champion with which you can quickly climb low elo. Jinx is all you need to win a lot of kills, have fun and knock down enemy Nexus before the enemy team even thinks about it. 

She is a strong champion but she is very easy to learn. Her kit is light and it is not necessary to combine different spells to make Jinx strong. She is a long-ranged champion who can launch her rocket from a great distance (her ult) which can kill several enemy champions at once, or steal Baron Nashor and Dragon. 

Jinx is a champion who can carry the game by herself, you just have to work hard and collect enough gold in the laning phase to buy items for her as soon as possible. 

Everyone should try to play with Jinx at least once, it is so much fun and you can feel what it’s like to be the strongest on Summoner’s Rift.


With this guide you can get out of low elo very quickly, these champions will not let you down you just have to give them a chance and practice playing with them to make the best use of their potential and strength to take you easily to Platinum or Diamond tier. 

Remember this tips and start practicing your skill already today. Good luck and have fun!

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