The 7 Best Pool Party Skins in League of Legends

Pool Party Skins in League of Legends are one of the most popular and loved series. Introduced each year right before the summer. They are favored by many summoners. With the announcement of the Pool Party Skins Players often get to see new champions added to this series set. In its essence, the champions throw away their armor and put on summer clothes perfect for the season.

The seven best pool party skins, by this ranking, are Pool Party: Leona, Dr. Mundo, Syndra, Taliyah, Caitlyn, Zac, and Zoe. The rankings start from the least popular, in our opinion, to the best ones in this theme series.

In this article, I will talk about each of the skins and tank them from seventh to first place. You will be able to learn more about the skins. What is known about them: how much they cost, when they will be released, some details, and what is being worked on.

7. Pool Party Leona

Ranked seventh in this list, the Pool Party Leona skin finds its place as one of the best from this skin series.

There are numerous new changes made to the skins. Especially when compared to previous versions of their default one. 

The first ones are the visible changes. You can clearly see that instead of a sword. Leo is using an umbrella to fight. In place of her shield, you will see a surfing board. Her heavy armor is swapped for a more comfortable-looking outfit, perfect for the summer theme.

Most of the champion animations are preserved, and you will not see many changes in that aspect. The most noticeable change when it comes to the animations is her recall.

The skin itself is available to buy from the store. The price should be around 975 Riot points. You can also purchase the Chroma pack, which offers you three chromas for the skins. The price for that is 590 Rp, and for a single one is 290 Riot points.

6. Pool Party Mundo 

Next in this ranking is Dr. Mundo, with his nice Pool Party Skin. This one is also favored by many players. The big difference in the animation is that it is both cool and funny. That attracted many players to obtain this skin for Mundo.

At first glance, the changes are obvious. He got dressed in a nice Hawaiian shirt. And instead of a rusty cleaver, he used a ukulele.

Aside from the new looks, the skin includes a few new particles. New and cool recall animation in which Mundo smashes the ukulele on his head, as well as some new sound effects (which, by the way, are fantastic).

Pool Party Mundo is classified as regular skin. From this, you should know that you can always purchase him in the game. As long as you have the riot points for it, In this case, it will cost you about 975 RP to get this new and fresh Dr. Mundo skin.

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5. Pool Party Syndra

Pool Party Syndra is one of the newest additions to the Pool Party skin series. She is a great mid-lane mage who has a lot of fans. So it was only a matter of time before she was included in this skin theme.

This skin has everything reworked. The champion is difficult to identify based on its default appearance. You will see Syndra in a nice new outfit. The new models and textures look amazing. The model itself is almost perfect, but even the small flaws disappear once you see the new visual effects and sounds. The recall animation, for example, is my personal favorite.

The signature parts of this skin are the amazing purple outfit and the volleyball balls, which are her reskinned spheres.

Pool Party Syndra is classified as an Epic Skin. That does not preclude you from purchasing her in the game. As a matter of fact, you can. The only thing is that you have to pay 1350 Riot points to do so. But let us be honest, if you are a fan of this champion, you will do it. Most of the Syndra mains. Have this skin because it is a cool-looking one. And a great addition to their collection.

4. Pool Party Taliyah

Similar to Syndra, Pool Party Taliyah is a cool new addition added in 2020. The champion got its pool party series skin and is slaying in it. The rewords are great and make Taliyah look even better to the main character and to people who have yet to pick her.

Pool Party Taliyah features a total rework of the model, new animations, and textures. New particles and animations with them. Beautiful new recall animation and amazing sound effects enhance the overall experience. I will not even show you the amazing splash art of this champion and its introduction to the pool skin series.

The best part of the new animations is that Taliyah is riding on a surfboard. That makes the vibes of this skin even better.

Again, similarly to Pool Party Syndra, Taliyah pool party skins are classified as normal epic skins. It can be bought from the store for the cost of 1350 RP.

This skin is totally worth it for the mains. But if you are not a Taliyah main and can’t decide on when to buy it or not, It is best to head to PBE and test it for yourself. If you like it, then it would be a good idea to get it.

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3. Pool Party Caitlyn 

The Pool Party Caitlyn skin, which was released in 2018, was and continues to be one of the most popular skins in this series. It is one of the most famous and often picked from this theme.

With the Caitlyn Pool Party skin on. You will be able to enjoy a bunch of new things. You will be able to play with Cait and enjoy her new model, animations, textures, ability visual effects, new sound effects, and last but not least, great recall animation.

The best parts of these skins act as signature ones. Caitlyn is wearing a nice themed summer outfit, a cool shawl, and a high-powered water riffle. The small details make this skin one of the best in the pool party theme.

Pool Party Caitlyn is an Epic Skin. You can buy it inside the game store for 1350 Riot Points. Whenever you wonder if you can get it or not, It is something up to you. However, if you are the main ADC and frequently play this champ, then it will be in your interest to buy it.

2. Pool Party Zac

As a skin taking second place, you can expect a lot of Pool Party Zac. The overall rework of this skin is fantastic. Pool Party Zac is featured as a blue jelly. He wears a snorkel and iconic red shorts.

If you get this skin, you can expect a lot of reworked things. That includes the overall model of the champion. The animations, new textures, all new particles, and amazing sound effects fit the pool party theme. And finally, probably one of the best recall animations. Featuring Zac transforming himself into a paddling pool while playing with a toy. 

The skin, like the previous, is classified as epic skin. It costs you 1350 RP and is something that you can get as a great addition to your pool party collection. Although Zac is not the most popular champion, This skin is something that you should consider if you play him.

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1. Pool Party Zoe

Pool Party Zoe is the first and, in my opinion, the best skin from the pool party series so far.

The release date was back in 2018. When the champion was super popular, that led to the release of this skin.

That being said, the Zoe pool party skin is one of the most popular ones even nowadays.

If you get this skin, you will be able to enjoy new models and textures. The signature hair of Zoe is taking on new summer color. Turquoise blue hair makes it a perfect fit for the pool party theme. And to be honest, it looks fantastic on this champion.

There are tons of new improvements related to the visual effects of Zoe. Such is her ability to incite some beach memories for every ability she throws your enemy’s way.

Her ability animations are changed too, for example, her orb of sleep. Which with these skins becomes a beach ball followed by a trace of what seems like water. That is another great rework, fitting the theme and making it stand out.

The new reworked sound effects also contribute to her taking first place. Although, all of the skins have been reworked. The ones that fit Zoe fit by far better and are great.

Pool Party Zoe’s recall animation features her jumping from a board into a pool-like hole. That is an amazing recall animation that hints at her abilities and, at the same time, is closely connected to the pool party series.

This skin can be yours for only 1350 Riot Points. Again, it is classified as normal epic skin. That means you can find it and buy it in the store.

Lastly, this is a skin that again is mainly recommended for Zoe mains. You rarely need skins for a champion that you do not play. So the advice is for all Zoe mains. Go to PBE, getZoee and this skin. Try it and see how it feels while playing with it. Only then can you think about buying it or not. As it would be best if you could experience it for yourself.


In the end, the skins on the list are ranked based on the players’ opinions. Our personal opinion and how popular they are in the game. 

All the skins on the list are great. The reworks were done on them, and the new animations and effects add up to that.

The prices of the Pool Party Skin series can vary. But know that they will rarely sell at a hefty price. The most expensive ones at the moment- cost only 1350 Riot Points, and trust me. Most of them are totally worth the price.

Finally, when it comes to buying skin or not. I will repeat myself again, but it is best to test the skins out first. If that is possible, try them out on the PBE server first, and only buy them if you are certain you will like them. If you cannot access the PBE, Watch videos online or read again about the skins in even more detail.

Thank you for staying through the article and till the next one.

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