7 Best Scaling Supports in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that has changed and improved many times during these long years of its existence. As the game had numerous updates and patches, it’s natural that it will impact champions too. The old ones that are already in the game, that we got used to, got nerfed or buffed, and besides them, we got a bunch of new ones.

So now, in the present moment, we have a versatile pool with 159 champions and more to come. It is exciting to see the game change from time to time, but now the focus should be on what we currently have. 

In this roster of champions, we have roles and positions that are different from each other in many ways. One of them is – How well do they perform throughout the game?

We have some that are already strong in the early game and the other group with champions that you really can’t get much out of in the early game but are more potent as the time goes by. 

For this second group of champions, we say that they scale over the course of the game. You’ve probably seen some players write, “oh no, don’t ff we got this, we scale.”

The thing with scaling champions is that you have to be extra careful at the beginning of the game because of low stats and vulnerability. It is best to “be incognito” and just farm your way out of the early game. 

And yes, it would be ideal if there were teammates who would roam your lane to gain some kind of advantage over the opponent.

As we are talking about Supports here, the typical ones like Nami, Lulu, and Soraka rely on utility (crowd control, heals, and shields). Supports that have burst damage, we can treat them the same as midlaners, like Brand, Neeko, or Zyra. 

But more of that, we will discuss and see in this list of Top Best 7 Scaling Champions in League of Legends.

A little disclaimer: The order of these champions doesn’t imply that number 1 is better or easier than number 7; it is random.

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1. Bard

Bard is, in my opinion, one of the most fun and engaging supports you can play. Besides that, he has a kit that can do so much to influence and change the game’s flow.

With Bard, there is always a great deal of freedom in picking your play style, with possibilities to roam or help other lanes and at the same time collect and stack Chimes. Travel with Magical Journey, and make a healing Shrine for your teammates.

As the game goes by, Bard’s individuality will decrease as he should be more present in 5v5 situations to help the whole team.

All of Bard’s abilities play a huge role in the game. They offer an excellent set for help as they possess the possibility of crowd-control, mobility, and slows. But the soul of his kit lies in his passive – Traveler’s Call. It is an essential component of his scaling. 

This passive has the ability to periodically spawn Chimes that appear at random places where Bard is present. They give him bonus movement speed and 12% of his maximum mana. When Bard collects five chimes, his Meeps get empowered.

What are Meeps now? Meeps, or as I like to call them – chickens, are small spirits that appear near Bard. When he consumes them, they empower his auto-attacks and abilities with bonus magic damage and an on-attack slow. 

So, while playing this champion, you have to try your best to be mobile over the whole map as much as you can in order to collect and stack more of these buffs to become stronger.

In correlation with that, we can say that Bard has an infinity scaling ability with this passive until the end of the game, which makes him stand out in the pool of the best late-game champions.

2. Senna

 Senna is a relatively new champion who stepped onto the League of Legends scene in 2019. They wanted to spice up the lore by adding her to an already tangled situation between Thresh and Lucian. 

And that turned out to be a great decision because Senna became one of the best late-game supports this game has. She can be played at an ADC position too. It doesn’t matter that much, as she will be one hell of a carry anyway.

What makes her unique and allows her to control fractions of the game is her very much awarding passive – Absolution. It is her powerful ally as it provides enormous damage throughout the game. 

Absolution works by the principle that when minions, monsters, or enemy champions die near Senna, they drop their souls. She takes them as stacks – Mist stacks. Every Mist stack equals 0.75 bonus damage. 

On every 20 Mist stacks collected, Senna also gains bonus attack range and critical strike chance. Bonus attack range applies to her Q – Piercing Darkness. The great thing about this bonus attack range is that it may go to infinity, making her a champion with the longest range in the game.

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3. Yuumi

Sure, there was at least one game in your life where you saw Yuumi on the enemy   team, where you thought to yourself, “pls, just not Yuumi.” You could only see her on the left or right top corner of the ban slots when she first came out. Many of them begged Riot to delete her, but Yuumi is here with us to this day. So why all the hate?

Yuumi is untouchable as she is attached to a champion of choice. She can jump into any ally she picks with almost no cooldown on higher levels. Besides this highly irritable trait, her passive plays a massive role in the gameplay. 

It gives her buffs on the next basic attack that manifests itself as an uncancelable windup, bonus range, mana restoration, and a shield that turns to Anchor when she is attached to a champion. 

The only problem with this is that Yuumi can’t be attached to a champion in order to use the perks of her passive, which makes her vulnerable as she is very squishy and slow. So you need to have good prediction skills if you want to stay alive through a messy teamfight.

Regarding the rest of the kit, it is beneficial and well made for helping the team in any situation. Her Q has a significant slow which is impacted by the passive. She has insane healing capabilities on E that become stronger as the game progresses and, as a cherry on top, an ultimate in the form of crowd control that can immobilize multiple enemies.

About everything you can ask for in a support.

4. Zyra

Let’s get down to business with some mage supports. I think Zyra is a perfect example of that. She isn’t your usual go-to support, maybe you would pick Vel’Koz or Brand instead, but Zyra can be very useful too.

Again, as in other examples, we can see that Zyra has excellent use of her passive which is connected pretty much with all her abilities. Garden of Thorns works like this: 

Zyra will occasionally sprout one or two Seeds nearby that will be alive for 30 seconds and provide Sight over the surrounding area for 1 second.

Enemy champions can destroy Seeds after 1 second by stepping on them.

When you use her Q, Zyra plants a little garden with the help of her Seeds from the passive. When that garden spawns, the plants start attacking the minions or the enemy, whichever is closer, or Zyra is focusing.

 It is the same with her E, but the difference is that the vines are a crowd control ability, so they root the enemy champions.

In the end, all of these abilities are topped with a monster CC ultimate. It is tricky to hit it on time because of a slight delay, but practice makes perfect.

To amp Zyras damage, the most frequent and best items that players use are Liandry’s Anguish and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, which bring burning and overtime damage. She can oneshot almost anyone in the late game and possibly become a hyper-carry.

5. Sona

We don’t see Sona much in games anymore, but that isn’t because she is weak or lacking. It is just maybe the popularity thing, I suppose. Or people just don’t know how to play her, so they address her as a “useless champ”  and want to “report you” if you pick her. 

What makes Sona great is her vast pool of team helping tools, as she is well made for all needs one team can have. She simply covers it all. From heals, movement speed, and crowd control to high scaling of damage later on.

With Sona, it is crucial to constantly just poke the enemy champions, but at the same time to be aware of the position and moves cause it is not very desirable to die. Of course, dying is the last thing someone wants to do in the game, but for Sona, it could be damaging. Because she needs the XP and gold fast for hyperscale, or she will go behind quickly.

You should always stack the passive and use Q as much as possible while minimizing the enemy’s poking by dodging and baiting.

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6. Lulu

There wasn’t a time when Lulu wasn’t highly ranked in the support realm, so, naturally, she will also be mentioned here in this article. She deserves it. So let’s get down to things.

Lulu is a classic example of what a champion with utility should look like. Like Sona, all of Lulu’s abilities as a support are solely focused on helping the team in every way needed. 

The only flaw here and the difference from Sona is that she can focus just on helping one ally at the time cause of her single-target abilities. 

Quality over quantity situation.

Lulu and her companion, Pix, have a mission: to protect and help the ADC early on as much as possible by poking, shielding, and polymorphing every threat that is flying toward them. And they do a great job. 

In urgent situations when one of your allies is near death, Lulu’s ultimate comes in handy. It is an essential ability that not just gives you bonus health and 40% increased size, but you also get to knock up your enemies and also slow them for a short time.

If you are support main like me, this one is a big recommendation if you haven’t tried it yet.

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7. Brand

Finally, to wrap things up, we will use one more mage support, and that would be as the title says – Brand. As earlier mentioned, Brand is also one of the best bot lane guards of all time. 

If you want to have fun and deal tons of damage but in a support position, this champion is for you. 

Of course, being a mage support lacks utility. You don’t really have many possibilities of somehow shielding and protecting your ADC, but there is always a way. That is poking them to death and dealing insane amounts of damage, so they get scared and never engage on you first. I think that is a helpful tactic, isn’t it? 

Brand is a low-maintenance champ, and he can just lay back and let his passive do the work. The passive – Ablaze powers all the other abilities, which gain stun, bonus damage, slow and spreading fire to all nearby champions and monsters. With lingering burning.

Paired with Liandry’s and Rylai’s, it can be lethal in the early game, let alone in the late game when he can melt everyone in a matter of seconds.

The selection of champions in this article is a part of my choices and tendencies when I play League of Legends. 

Still, besides that, I want to learn more, so help me by sharing your preferred champions in the comments!

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