Best Spirit Blossom Skins – From Worst to Best

League of Legends players, are you ready for spring and new adventures? Spring is the time when motivation is at a level, and every player wants to hone their gaming skill and raise their rank to a higher level. 

In League of Legends patch 10.15, the creators of this game delighted us with the Spirit Bloss line, which is beautiful. This collection came during the Spirit Blossom Festival, which took place from July 22 to August 24, 2020. This event was an exceptional opportunity for the players to have fun in the fictional Spirit realm that could be accessed from Ionia. 

In this article, we will talk about the best skins from the Spirit Blossom collection, so make sure you read our reviews well and decide which skin you want to buy. Or maybe you already have them all.

What is the Spirit Blossom Festival?

The Spirit Blossom Festival is a time of celebration in ancient Ionia, a time when the real and spiritual worlds merge. A time when the dead come to visit their loved ones and when there is no visible boundary between the dead and the living. This festival is enriched by soft colors, peaceful sounds, and the beauty of nature. And the journey through the Spirit Blossom Festival is an unforgettable experience for everyone who joins it.

Riot released Spirit Blossom skin line for a couple of champions – Vayne, Yasuo, Teemo, Lillia, Thresh, and others. Each of these champions has its own fairy tale that ties him to the Spirit Blossom Festival. We will now rank these skins from the worst to the best.

What Are The Best Spirit Blossom Skins?

9. Spirit Blossom Lillia

Lillia literally flourished during the Spirit Blossom Festival – as the new champion in the League of Legends. She immediately got a new Spirit Blossom skin; however, we think Riot did a poor job somehow. 

Her skin is extremely beautiful, Lillia has blue eyes that fit her perfectly with a blue, purple outfit, but we are missing something. Maybe this was supposed to be her default look, and a little more effort could have been put into the skin version, but that’s just our opinion. This skin is priced at 1350 RP.

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8. Spirit Blossom Teemo

To clarify right away, Teemo is a tough champion we want to ban whenever we have the chance, but we can’t deny the fact that he is one of the sweetest champions in the entire League of Legends champion collection. His appearance always evokes sympathy and sweet emotions. 

As the eternal child of the forest, Spirit Blossom Teemo always devised various jokes with mortals and thus nurtured the sympathies of all the inhabitants of ancient Ionia. This skin makes Teemo gold and shiny, and his tail looks really well-groomed and soft. 

We are interested in what preparations Teemo uses for his fur. Spirit Blossom Teemo will continue to come up with various tricks and tease mortals in a new guise until they join him in the spirit realm. Teemo will really never grow up, ugh.

7. Spirit Blossom Riven

Riven, the eternal warrior who was injured in the middle of the battle and destroyed his sword in thousands of parts, does not stop wandering around the world of the dead. She is determined in her intention to find eternal peace by seeking struggle and revenge until darkness leads her to oblivion. 

This skin is a complete hit – it features new VFX, new SFX, new textures, and new recall animation. Not to mention how beautiful Riven looks in a purple combination. Buy this skin for 1350 RP. Trust us, and it pays off!

6. Spirit Blossom Thresh

Good old Thresh, known as the representative of the undead, is ready to drag anyone who opposes him into oblivion. His skin is brutally well made; Thresh wears a demonic mask, traditional oni, and hakama, with giant ropes as an obi sash. 

The lanterns with which Thresh collects the souls of his enemies are purple colors associated with paper charms. Thresh looks like he dropped out of an anime cartoon, dancing to a lo-fi beat and leaving white petals when he casts his abilities. 

Magic happens when a purple demon, Thresh, gathers 45 souls in his magic lantern and then uses his ultimate spell, The Box. Thresh, as a demon, disappears and is replaced by his human version. Lovely, isn’t it? This skin is on Legendary Tier, so its price is a bit higher, 1820 RP.

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5. Spirit Blossom Ahri

Who doesn’t love the most famous foxy lady of all time? It’s Ahri, of course. A cunning fox who is able to charm anyone who gets in her way and then ruthlessly sends him to the world of the dead. Did we say how cute she is? With Spirit Blossom skin, Riot did a great job once again. Spirit Blossom Ahri has new textures, VFX, VO, and recall animation. 

Also, when she ults, she changes her shape and becomes an alluring fox. Her hair is a beautiful pink color and really attracts looks, no wonder everyone falls for her charm. This skin is 1820 RP, but we can say that it is worth every penny.

4. Spirit Blossom Vayne

Famous Vayne, The Night Hunter, looks enchanting and dangerous in this version. Her hair is tied in a long high blue ponytail, and her black clothes with shades of blue leave all her enemies stunned by her appearance. She is incredibly charming when she casts her spells – blue butterflies appear in combination with her blue flames. 

How cool is that? Spirit Blossom Vayne remains forever in eternity, hunting monsters, ready to find every living monster that exists. You can always find it on eternal hunting grounds. This skin costs 1350 RP.

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3. Spirit Blossom Kindred

Kindred – child and beast, sheep and wolf. Ready to take anyone whose turn it is to leave the mortal world. Gently and painlessly, but the wolf is always on alert if someone doesn’t want to go to the underworld. 

These two naughty companions always play games and tease each other, until it’s time to pick up someone’s soul, then forget about happiness and joy and go to work. In the past, these two have lost someone very important, they no longer remember who it was, but they feel a loss and are therefore in an eternal search for the future souls of the eternal world.

2. Spirit Blossom Yone

Do you know who Yone is? You will find out soon. Yone, the older brother, waged brutal, bloody, and terrible wars throughout Ionia, with none other than his younger brother. Yone was known as an honorable soldier, ready to give his life for his country. 

When he has to confront his brother, who has committed crimes, Yone realizes that it is his destiny to die with his brother in the last battle. A battle that became a lesson in pride, honor, morals, and struggle.

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1.  Spirit Blossom Yasuo

The famous Yasuo, the champion who gives us trouble using his tornadoes to knock down his enemies. Well, did you know he was the brother we were talking about? Yes, Yasuo and Yone are two honorable brothers who fought for Ionia for many years. 

The citizens of Ionia could sleep peacefully knowing that fraternal courage overcomes all obstacles and that their country will calmly welcome the morning as long as the two of them stand guard. As it usually happens, fate intervened between them, and the two brothers set off on their last duel. 

Fate has decided that neither will win, so both brothers wander the spirit realm and defend the honor of Ionia to this day.


We hope you enjoyed the list of the best Spirit Blossom Skins. This event is definitely one of the most interesting ones that Riot has prepared for us, we hope that this Spirit Blossom Festival will be repeated. Write us your opinion in the comments and be sure to let us know what it’s like to play with Spirit Blossom skins, we look forward to your impressions.

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