5 Best Teamfight Support Champions in League of Legends

The support role is the most important role in any League of Legends team when it comes to utility and keeping your allies healthy. It is a very Macro heavy role that makes the player in this position responsible for all the warding and the majority of the roaming in every lane. 

Some even say that the outcome of every team fight depends on the support as he is the one keeping their ADC safe and peeled away from danger. There are multiple types of supports being Enchanters, Casters, and the ones that have all the shields and heals. 

Behind a good or strong late game ADC Is a support that protected them all game while ADC’s complete their core item builds by farming gold in minions and turret platings. The support role doesn’t only help ADC, sure this is the typical play in Low Elo, but in High Elo, support players leave their ADC behind most of the time to help their junglers clear wads or invade. 

Some support players even go as far as roam the top lane to help their bruiser top laner gain a takedown and have a lead against his enemy. The Support role needs champions that can impact other lanes and other champions and is not limited to healing and shielding ADCs. 

With that in mind, let us take a look at 5 of the best team fight supports we listed in this article. I will be mentioning different playstyles for each phase and the best item to build on each champion, so read on and find out all about it. 

5. Lulu

When you see an ADC partnered with a Lulu in the bot lane, be sure to let your jungler pick a champion that is strong at ganking lanes, because you will find it really hard to gain an HP advantage over an ADC who has Lulu as their support. Lulu’s Kit is heavily made for all types of situations, she can use her Q to poke at enemies and stack her support item, he can use her W to speed up an ally or slow an enemy down for engage and disengage situations, and she can make her opponents turn into small little critters with this skill. 

Her shields can be maxed to keep her ADC safe from all pokes from early to late game. But the best ability she has is her ultimate which makes her ADC go big and knock all nearby enemies back when activated. Lulu’s ultimate also gives her ADC bonus HP making them an unstoppable force in the late game.

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Best Item For Lulu

Ardent Censer

Most of Lulu’s spells can be casted on her ally meaning she can put her Aery rune on them occasionally, proccing the effects of Ardent censer endlessly. The bonus attack damage and attack speed Lulu grants her ADC compliments the shields and bonus attack damage she also gives her ally with her E. Her ultimate also procs the effect of Ardent Censer making her ADC really strong and tanky. The item also improves the health of the shield she can cast on her ally. 

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

In the early game, you might want to poke your enemies with your Q, you can do this by getting in range of your opponent or simply using your E on an allied or enemy minion to extend the cast range of your Q. 

Continue doing this until you complete the stacks of your support item. Poking will also allow you to gain the HP advantage over your enemy so when they are low enough, you can initiate an early kill for your ADC by speeding them up or polymorphing one enemy. 

Mid Game Playstyle

During mid game, enemies will be looking to gank your lane so try to ward the river as much as you can and reserve your summoner spells for when things get rough. As for team fights in the mid game, you don’t really have to worry that much unless there is a fight for a dragon. 

Use your ultimate on your ally that is surrounded the most by the opposing team, this will knock them all back and give your team enough time to deal with them. 

Late Game Playstyle

Late game team fights are imminent in the late game so make sure that you build Ability haste items on Lulu. She is the best team fighting support in the game simply because he is the strongest enchanter in the game, she can cast all of her abilities on her allies depending on their needs in the late game. 

4. Soraka

Being one of the oldest support champions in the game has its perks and that means getting constant updates and balance changes so that the champion remains relevant. Soraka is one of those champions and for a very long time, even in the early years of the game, many players hate going against Soraka when it comes to team fights. 

Her very low cooldown on her heal just seems unfair for some and to top it all off, she has a global ultimate that heals all of her allies for a substantial amount. The only reason she is at the second spot is the lack of crowd control abilities on her kit, she has her W that can silence and root enemies but that just seems underwhelming compared to Lulu’s polymorph and knockbacks. 

Best Item For Soraka

Ardent Censer

Yeah, you all saw that coming, Ardent censer increases the heal and shield strength of champions which greatly synergizes with Soraka’s kit being all about healing her allies. During team fights, she can simply hit her R and she can buff the damage of every champion in her team and improve their attack speed as well. 

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, Soraka is a poke-heavy champion thanks to her Q and her E. She is also great at trading because when her opponent’s trade pokes, Soraka’s Q heals her meaning she can get her HP back up while her opponent’s HP remains the same with the early game HP regen. Focus on poking your opponents in the early game as but get one level for your heal so when things get rough, you have a backup plan. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Just like any other support out there, river vision is the most important thing to do in the mid game, not only does it give you a heads up for when an enemy jungler ganks your lane, it will also give you a piece of good information when to take the dragon. 

Late Game Playstyle

During late game team fights, Soraka can still be a huge asset for her team even if she stays in the backline. She can heal her allies from afar with her W and she can even heal them even if she is at the base. She is one of the best team fighting supports out there because of her ability to buff everyone with Ardent Censer whenever a team fight erupts. 

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3. Janna

Janna has the most crowd control abilities in this list, her Q can also be hidden in bushes before casting to catch enemies by surprise. She can use this ability even in the late game to knock multiple enemies up, and the knock-up time on her Q is also quite long making it a great CC team fight ability. 

Her ultimate is also like Soraka’s she can heal everybody, but the only difference is that she can heal champions in the immediate range of the spell. Her ultimate also has an extra effect that knocks enemies back the first time she casts it, a great peeling ability to keep her ADC safe all the time. 

Best Item For Janna


Janna is one of the best champions when it comes to peeling her ADC, she has lots of abilities to keep enemies away from her ADC. Her Q has a relatively low cooldown meaning you can use it all the time, she even has her W to slow enemies down. Her ultimate also knocks enemies back and buying Everfrost on her will just make her peeling abilities better. 

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Janna’s W can be used to poke enemies especially when you take the Aery rune, every cast of W on your enemy will always proc Aery for a bonus damage. This rune also synergizes with Janna’s E, meaning you can give your ADC more shield. Janna can also be played passively by maxing your E and your Q, only use these abilities when enemies try to poke your ADC or initiate a fight. 

Mid Game Playstyle

When playing Janna, you can be a really great team player in the mid game by roaming other lanes and helping your jungler. You can tell your jungler to initiate an invade and you will assist him in doing so, Janna is a great backup when it comes to jungle invades because her kit has it all. You can hard CC the enemy jungler and slow them and even give your jungler the upper hand by shielding him or healing him with your ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

Being a squishy champion with lots of utility spells, you will need to be at the backline of your team along with your ADC, you can still influence your team during these times by enchanting their abilities with your items and your E. If needed you can use your ultimate right after the team fight starts to keep your team’s HP up while they fight.

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2. Morgana

Morgana is one of the strongest lane support in the game because of the constant poke she does to their enemies. Her Q + W combo in the early game is extremely annoying and can chip away at the HP bar of her opponents in bot lane. 

She even has her Black Shield that she can use during team fights on her strongest ally to keep them from being crowd-controlled. Her ultimate is also very useful during team fights especially when she has a Zhonya’s.

Best Item For Morgana

Zhonya’s Hourglass

This is her staple item as it greatly synergizes with her ultimate, it lets her stun multiple enemies without having to worry about being burst down. 

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Morgana excels at poking her enemies in the early game thanks to her Q and her W. You can take advantage of your Q’s long-range and use it to gain control of the bot lane bushes. If enemies manage to gain control of the bushes, just spam your abilities in the bush until the enemy backs off. A Morgana who has control of the bot lane bush controls the flow of the lane. 

Mid Game Playstyle

During mid game, you can opt-in buying boots of mobility so you can roam other lanes and let your team gain leads against their enemies. If team fighting is your focus, then you will do everything you can to push your allies into an unstoppable snowball.

Late Game Playstyle

Morgana becomes a carry champion in the late game especially if she builds AP items like Liandry’s Anguish and Demon Embrace. If she has over 400 AP, then she can easily take one squishy enemy down by simply hitting them with her Bind. 

When team fights erupt, however, cast your Black Shield on yourself and flash in the middle of the opposing team and use your ultimate. Don’t forget to activate your Zhonya’s however because this will be the one who will prevent you from dying. 

1. Zyra

Zyra is actually a mid lane champion that can burst multiple enemies down and can use her plants to harass enemies even from afar. Even when she became famous as a support she is still quite annoying to lane against because of her plants. She can constantly plant seeds with her passive and immediately add two more beside one and proc them with her spells. Her ultimate is also really good at teamfights because it can knock the enemy’s entire roster up. 

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Best Item For Zyra


You can cast this item on an enemy caught by your roots to extend the CC duration on them. This is also perfect when in a fight because your plants can keep hitting an enemy that’s rooted. 

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, all you have to do is place your seedlings strategically so when you gain the ability to proc them, you can easily poke your enemies with them. It may not deal that much damage but it can stack your support item quickly. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Zyra is great at freezing lanes and having control over the lane so you just want to continue pushing your lane with your ADC while poking enemies with your plants. If the enemy jungler decides to gank you, you have your root and your ultimate to hard CC them.

Late Game Playstyle

Zyra needs to be at the front during late game team fights because she’s gonna need to catch one enemy with her root, picking one enemy off will then start the team fight. Use your ultimate once you have slowed them down with your Everfrost to guarantee the knock-up.


AOE abilities really are the key to team fights, especially if they can crowd control multiple enemies at once. Crowd controls ensure that your team has the upper hand dealing DPS damage on enemies stunned at 2 or 3 seconds. 

If they can’t CC the enemies, they can simply buff their entire team or heal them, these are all the things that contribute to winning a team fight and these listed champions are the best to do those things.

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