Best Troll Support Champions in League of Legends

The meta in League of Legends can be bland at times, so players now and then would pick champions that would create a little bit of chaos for both teams. 

While the top lane, mid lane, and jungle role are the most impactful in the game, their role is littered with champion picks that will most likely dictate the result of the game.

Therefore, most players who attempt to go off-meta and have fun while doing it will attempt this in the support role. The support role offers great flexibility with how players can help. 

At its core, the main concepts of roaming, vision control, and impactful macro decisions are all support players need to do. 

Theoretically, these are duties any player can do with any champion. Most players that aim to have fun will most likely be called trolls, but there are off-meta champions that can work.

Here, we list down our top seven (7) best troll champions playable in the bot lane in League of Legends.

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7. Teemo

The first champion on the list is the one and only demon king of the rift, Teemo.

Teemo’s ability to go invisible, inflict blind, damage over time, movement speed slow, and plant traps make him a great champion to disrupt the enemy bot lane from farming and dueling.

While players in the bot lane mostly play around positioning, Teemo excels at limiting this exact game plan. 

He will go invisible in or out of the bush, then instantly pop out to hit a blind or inflict poison. Even in extended trades, letting Teemo get out of sight for a little bit will allow him to activate his invisibility.

The poison affliction also keeps enemies on their toes as their health can get whittled down before they can even have a fair fight. 

Along with the blind affliction, enemies may think they will get in a fair fight only for their basic attacks to miss.

Teemo’s mushroom traps also lock enemies off from moving around too much as stepping on one could lead to a quick death. Aside from the bush and lane, traps can also be placed by the river or in the river for vision and gank prevention.

In his unique way, Teemo accomplishes the duties of a support role – gain vision, map control, assist in team fights or skirmishes, and prevent ganks.

6. Shaco

A troll champion that has a similar playstyle to Teemo is Shaco. He is capable of going invisible, placing traps, inflicting fear, and quickly repositioning himself just like Teemo.

Just like Teemo, Shaco will place traps that will shoot at enemies and inflict fear when enemies get too close to them. Building ability power (AP) will buff the damage, significant enough to help in a fight. 

Even if the Shaco player does not add AP stats, the fear is a great crowd control for catching enemies and then initiating a sudden fight.

The traps can also be placed by the river, doing the same thing as Teemo mushrooms do, zoning enemies off and discouraging ganks from happening.

Combining this with his ability to reposition and go invisible, preventing enemies from running away is also possible.

Going in and out of combat is also possible with this, allowing Shaco to poke enemies through basic attacks, backstab bonuses, and casting Two-Shiv Poison.

Aside from laning, Shaco also excels at roaming around the map. The traps he placed beforehand serve as enough threat and assistance for his partner to play around solo. 

Catching enemies in the mid lane or jungle with his fear and extra damage allows him to gain an advantage outside the lane as well.

5. Maokai

Another champion that excels at annoying enemies from the bush like Teemo and Shaco is Maokai. His main strengths are crowd controlling and zoning enemies.

What makes Maokai annoying as a support is that he can throw a sapling in a bush that chases enemies when they get near. Enemies that get close enough to these saplings will make them explode. 

Getting hit by the explosion will afflict enemies with a movement speed slow and get damaged over time. Additionally, the saplings stay in the bush for 30 seconds unless aggravated by an enemy champion.

This effectively cuts enemies in the lane from accessing their bushes and having to play away from any bushes at all.

Everywhere else, Maokai is still a solid support champion with his other abilities. He is capable of snaring, knocking back, and slowing enemies hit by his basic abilities and ultimate. 

His kit allows him as an initiator or a protector depending on how his abilities are used.

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4. Alistar

While Alistar is considered an actual support champion, there are build paths and play styles that make him a play in a very funky and troll manner.

Alistar primarily scales with his armor and magic resistances, bullying teams down by engaging with his pure durability. 

However, Alistar’s abilities also scale in ability power (AP) and some players have built him as an AP assassin in the support role in the bottom lane or as a solo carry in the top lane.

If you need a run-down of how to play a solo carry Alistar tank build, HappyChimeNoises has made a video looking at an Alistar main named LordOfCowTime who was able to reach Master rank with this playstyle.

If you wanna see an AP Alistar at work, Pants are Dragon has a video where he plays AP Alistar support that one-shots squishy enemies he finds in his way.

More than the playstyle and build path, Alistar also has a skin that allows you to effectively troll your enemies with an annoying taunt animation.

The Moo Cow Alistar gives Alistar a cow costume and a bell. His taunt animation allows him to constantly hit his bell, creating a clanking sound that most players get annoyed with when playing against.

3. Blitzcrank

Another support champion that has great AP scaling is Blitzcrank.

While Blitzcrank is an initiating tank support champion like Alistar, he also has a build path that can make him an AP assassin.

All of Blitzcrank’s basic abilities have AP scaling in them that can help him in the lane with an AP item build. Yet, the AP scaling does not intend to supplement his basic abilities but rather his ultimate ability Static Field.

Blitzcrank’s ultimate ability deals 500 magic damage and scales off his AP with a 100% bonus damage applied. This means all AP bonuses that Blitzcrank gets from his items will be fully added to Static Field’s active damage. 

Another similarity that Blitzcrank has with Alistar is having a skin funny meme-y skin. Blitzcrank has a skin named Definitely Not Blitzcrank that shows Blitzcrank pretending to be a businessman. 

While this skin does not have any annoying taunting animation, you can at least make jokes that you are not playing Blitzcrank. In fact, you are a new champion in League of Legends because you are definitely not Blitzcrank.

2. Bard

A champion that not only annoys your enemy but can also annoy your teammates is Bard.

Bard is a legitimate option to play as a support, but his kit requires great skill. Pulling him off is extremely hard. Carries in the bot lane that get partnered with Bard either meet him with immense joy or dismay.

The roaming playstyle Bard’s kit brings huge advantages or disadvantages to his teammates. A bad Bard player will find himself getting caught out while roaming, wasting time in ganks, or leaving his carry in a one-versus-two situation in bot lane.

Tempered Fate – Bard’s Ultimate – requires precision to be used properly. An off-timing or placement can make or break team fights and either save or kill allies in a supposedly good situation.

Finding a Bard constantly missing his Cosmic Binding and placing a portal with Magical Journey is extremely annoying, disappointing, and mind-breaking.

On the brighter note, finding teammates that you can mess around with definitely allows Bard to shine with his creative or trolling antiques.

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1. Singed

Photo taken from League of Legends official website

Finally, Singed is an off-meta pick that can carry or break your carry’s mind like Bard.

A Singed properly playing him as support can use his skill to Ground units, slow them down, or fling them around. Doing this interrupts Singed’s enemies from farming, dueling, or kiting.

Singed has a considerable amount of durability in the early game that goes in to mess with enemies while taking kiting damage. 

Additionally, enemies damaged by Singed might be forced to chase him out of spite or intention to hurt him back, only to find themselves even more hurt from his poison trail.

To annoy his teammates, an unknowing or full troll Singed might annoy his teammates with his skills. 

The poison trail he leaves can be used on minions to destroy a well-managed wave or his fling can make an enemy close the gap to a supposedly well-kited fight.

In the late game, Singed can win the game on his own through his wave clear and split pushing potential. Otherwise, he can be as useless as an Amumu building bruiser items or a Rell with attack speed items.


Some of the champions listed down here are not sure troll champions, but rather off-meta champions that can troll both your enemies and allies just equally. 

Trolling in the form of intentional feeding or griefing is something we do not condone. Therefore, we advise that you play these champions with a winning mindset.

These troll champions offer unique playstyles that intend to suck your enemy in your world. 

Some of these champions have great late-game scaling like Bard and Singed, some have great assassination potentials like Alistar and Blitzcrank, some are great in team fighting like Maokai, while some just have an annoying presence throughout the game like Teemo.

Finding the right troll champion will depend on your skill or your intent, so try these out with your friends. Have fun, but do not break your allies’ minds.

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