Best Ultimate Skins in League of Legends

Riot offers a variety of options to beautify your game in League of Legends or Valorant. The most famous ones in League of Legends are reskins, or skins in short.

Skins are visual variations of different in-game assets based on several factors: in-game lore, event, or pop culture reference. 

Regardless of which, skins are a great way for players to make their game more colorful and fun to play.

Yet out of all the skins in-game, what are the best skins? Skins in League of Legends come in many tiers, from the most common to the rarest: Classic, Deluxe, Superior, Epic, Legendary, and Ultimate. 

There is also a special skin category called Chroma which allows you to recolor skins from any of the other categories, but not all skins have Chroma variations. 

There are also two more unique skin categories outside the tier list called Hextech Crafting and Prestige Editions.

With the tier list given above, this means that the best skins are those in the Ultimate category. 

However, there are only six (6) Ultimate skins in the game. Here we list them down and show why they are considered Ultimate Skins.

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1. Pulsefire Ezreal – 3250 RP

The oldest of all Ultimate skins is Pulsefire Ezreal, released in 2012 and reworked in 2018 to catch up to the cleaner and slicker look of the newer skins in the game.

The Pulsefire skin line reimagines champions such as Ezreal with a more cybernetic and futuristic theme. Ezreal on this occasion brandishes a white paint over with a metallic bulkier Iron Man or Mega Man-like suit.

In fact, the French localization of this skin references Mega Man more directly by renaming it to Méga Ezreal. This is also most likely referencing Ezreal’s one-hand pulse fire cannon.

The cyber-like suit is more apparent when finding out that this skin was first named Cyber Ezreal and was individually released on its own without other accompanying champions.

The skin also boasts a new voiceover, visual and sound effects, general animations, and recall animation. Ezreal’s voiceover is also accompanied by a different voiceover for his AI named Pearl, also lending reference to Iron Man’s AI named JARVIS.

Pulsefire Ezreal is the only Ultimate skin in the Pulsefire skin bundle. So if you want the best of the best in this cybernetic futuristic skin line, get Pulsefire Ezreal.

2. Spirit Guard Udyr – 3250 RP

Next in line is Spirit Guard Udyr who stands next to Elementalist Lux in having the most visual variation possible in a single skin in a single game.

Spirit Guard Udyr is a one of a kind with its theme lending reference to his in-game lore. According to Riot’s in-game lore, Udyr is a monk who harnesses spiritual powers in the form of animals. 

This skin directly takes that into its visuals and showcases how mastering these spiritual powers would change how Udyr looks. 

His base form in this skin is shown to be how Udyr looked while he was studying these powers as shown in the splash art for the League of legends story A Walk With Voices.

Every spirit form has an “ultimate” form that can be seen when maxed with points. Each emote animation also features each of his spirits, respectively. 

Finally, the skin also boasts a new voiceover, visual and sound effects, general animations, and recall animation just like Pulsefire Ezreal. 

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3. DJ Sona – 3250 RP

DJ Sona is a skin released in 2015 and a  direct reference to the Japanese virtual singer Hatsune Miku. 

The twin ponytails and virtual singer aspects are a definite call-back to Hatsune Miku, this is more evident when watching the skin trailer released by Riot Games for this skin named DJ Sona: Ultimate Concert.

Alternatively, the visuals also vaguely resemble Daft Punk’s Guy Manuel de Homem Christo with the cybernetic helmet and holographic lights popping in and out of animation.

Other references to pop culture are also present with her joke animation flipping her soundboard as opposed to flipping tables, and dance emote referencing Caramelldansen as seen in this video comparison.

Additionally, this version of Sona has been confirmed by a writer employee in Riot Games to be in the same universe as Pentakill Sona, K/DA Sona, and True Damage Sona.

The skin offers colorful light features on Sona that can also be evidently seen in her walking, skills, and recall animations. Cybernetic assets also exist with this skin to accompany the futuristic, virtual, and cyberpunk look.

As icing on the cake, players may also listen to one of many unique soundtracks in-game when a player is using the DJ Sona skin. The soundtracks can also be found on the official League of Legends youtube channel, here is one of them named Kinetic.

If you enjoy colorful, cybernetic, virtual singers, then DJ Sona should scratch your itch.

4. Elementalist Lux – 3250 RP

The next skin is arguably one of the most beautiful skins in the game. Displaying colorful aspects, shiny features, and dazzling visuals, the Elementalist skin elevates the already stunning beauty of Lux.

Elementalist Lux intends to showcase part of the in-game lore where elemental beasts waged war against humanity. The story named The Light Within flaunts the intensity of her journey to become the master of all elements.

The skin has ten (10) different forms depending on the element the character chooses. 

Each form has different visuals representing different elements, namely: Air, Storm, Fire, Magma, Water, Ice, Mystic, Nature, Light, and Dark. The base form of Lux without transformation is the element of Light.

Additionally, each form has a different voice-over, particle effect, and recall animation. However, the number of times she can transform is only limited to three and are irreversible

The skin also has pop culture references with dance animations resembling moves by GFriend, CLC, and Tae-yeon featured in each of their own music.

Compared to all other Ultimate skins, this definitely takes the cake as the most complicated one to make. The number of assets and variations the software has to load in a single game could theoretically overload and break the game. 

It is a wonder how they were able to optimize it without sacrificing the readability and smoothness of the game.

Elementalist Lux is arguable the best ultimate skin in League of Legends.

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5. K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Indie – 3250 RP

Aside from DJ Sona, another skin with a music theme and tagged along with a virtual music group is K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Indie.

While the players may cringe from the unnecessarily long name of the skin, the actual visuals and animation revamp it brings to Seraphine certainly makes up for it.

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Indie is only one piece of a three-part story told through his skin line. The other two parts are K/DA AL OUT Seraphine Rising Star and K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Superstar. 

The three versions of this skin intend to tell Seraphine’s story from an independent pop star to a well-known superstar; as obviously shown through the skin names.

However, a player can only buy the Indie version and must unlock the Rising Star and Superstar versions through playing games with the skin and accomplishing missions.

The skin was released along with the champion’s game release. Serpahine is also considered the first champion to have an Ultimate skin made without having been a mainstay or fan-favorite champion like Ezreal, Sona, and Lux.

Seraphine alone is cute with her base skin and animations properly telling her adorable artist persona. The K/DA ALL OUT emphasizes this even more with the unique variations it brings and the story it tells.

K/DA ALL OUT is also a fictional singer group mainly composed of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa then now with Seraphine.

The three skins also feature a new voiceover, visual and sound effects, general animations, and recall animation.

6. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune – 2775 RP

The last on the list is Gun Goddess Miss Fortune which features Miss Fortune in an exosuit with cybernetic guns and pulse propellers on her back.

This is the first Ultimate skin that is not 3250 RP and the reasons are not outright told why. 

Speculations suggest that this may be because of the lesser visual quality it brings but the skin seems to hold its ground fairly fine.

This Ultimate skin brings a new voiceover, visual and sound effects, general animations, and recall animation just like the other Ultimate skins but will also come in different forms in-game much like Elementalist Lux, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Spirit Guard Udyr.

Miss Fortune in this skin will have a base form that she can change out from when in the fountain. From the base form, she can choose from three choices: Zero Hour, Starswarm, and Royal Arms.

Each skin will have its own variation of visual effects, sound effect, and recolors which can be seen here. The core theme of cybernetic enhancements and futuristic guns remain the same despite all these variations.

Starswarm has a dark purplish color scheme, Zero Hour has an orange and white color combination, and Royal Arms has a white and gold regal color pairing. 

Each of these skin variations is also showcased in the promotional animated video by Riot Games which can be seen here.

In the same video, it seems that the story for this skin line revolves around Miss Fortune as a futuristic pirate as opposed to her default Bilgewater-themed pirate character.

Do not be fooled by the price, the skin delivers a unique theme that can still give players a fresh take on Miss Fortune.

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