Caitlyn Trap Placement – The Ultimate Guide

Caitlyn Trap Placement - The Ultimate Guide in League of Legends

If you are an ADC main, you will have certainly played a champion called Caitlyn. She is a long-range carry that has a lot of damage and some extremely useful abilities that can help you peel for yourself. Her traps allow you to force the enemies to change their positioning and attack you from a different angle. This gives you a lot of control in the fight as you can freely attack while the enemy looks for different areas where they are not hit by your traps. That is why this guide will show you the ultimate Caitlyn trap placements.

To properly place Caitlyn’s traps, you need to keep a track of how many traps you have in your inventory. Plus, you need to place them in a manner where the enemy is either forced to retreat or has to take a completely different path to get to you. Also, you need to play around them so that it is easier to kite. 

However, that’s not all. There is so much more that you can do with her traps like defending turrets, attacking the enemy, and more. If you want to learn the ultimate Caitlyn trap placement guide, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Caitlyn Abilities

Before we begin, let’s take a look at what Caitlyn’s abilities are so that you can use them properly. Her main kit revolves around her W, so, it is good to get familiar with what she has to offer.

Caitlyn Ability Q Projectile Guide in League of Legends

Her Q fires a projectile that travels in a straight line and deals damage to everything it passes through. This is the main poking ability that you will use in the laning phase alongside your auto attacks to lower the enemy’s HP and kill them. Be careful when spamming this ability because you will run out of mana quickly.

Caitlyn Ability W Trap Guide in League of Legends

Her W allows you to place a small trap anywhere you want. If the enemy steps on it, they will get rooted for a brief period. However, Caitlyn can use her headshot passive on any enemy that is trapped. Headshot is a strong critical strike that deals a lot of damage. The best part is that if you use your Q on a target that is stuck in the trap, they will take additional damage. Use this to combo Q and a few auto attacks, and your enemy will be dead faster than they can do anything about it.

Caitlyn Ability E throw Net Guide in League of Legends

Caitlyn’s E allows her to push herself backward while throwing a net in front of her. Any unit hit by this net will be slowed and you will be able to use your headshot passive on them. Also, they will take additional damage from your Q as well.

Caitlyn Ability R Guide in League of Legends

Finally, her R allows Caitlyn to channel her ultimate while focusing on a single enemy champion. After a while, she fires a strong bullet that deals a lot of damage to that target. However, if another enemy champion is in the way of your line of sight, they will take the damage instead.

Using Traps to Attack and Defend

Caitlyn Traps Attack Defend Guide in League of Legends

Now that we are familiar with the main abilities of Caitlyn, let’s see how you can use your traps to your advantage. The best part about her traps is that you can place them anywhere. This means that you can hide them behind turrets to make it difficult for the enemy to spot them.

If you are pushing the lane and are at the enemy’s turret, place the traps behind the tower so that the enemy doesn’t know about it. Since the enemy will want to defend their tower, they will step on the trap unknowingly and take additional damage from you. If done correctly, the enemy will be forced to step back and let you take the turret plates for free.

Also, you can place traps in the bushes to know if you are getting ganked or not. Since the traps in the bushes are quite difficult to spot, the enemy will certainly step on them. On the other hand, if the enemy is pushing you under your tower, you can set up the traps in the nearby bushes. Plus, place a few of them in the lane as well so that the enemy ADC or support cannot roam freely. They will have to watch their step, which will allow you to be more aggressive.

Caitlyn Ability Cooldown Guide in League of Legends

However, regardless of the situation, you need to make sure that you keep track of how traps are left in your inventory. Otherwise, you might run out and will have to wait a long cooldown before they recharge. Also, the traps do not last forever. They will disappear after a while so keep that in mind as well while placing them.

Setting Up Objectives

Caitlyn Ability Objectives Guide in League of Legends

Now, once you move out of the laning phase, it is time to teamfight and get objectives. During teamfights, you need to make sure that you put a couple of traps around your character so that you are safe from the enemy assassin. Since you only have one ability to dash backward, you need to be careful during fights. If you place a few traps around yourself, the enemy cannot jump straight to you and will have to move around carefully. This allows you to get a few extra hits which can make a lot of difference in the late game.

Another thing that you can do is constantly move around your traps if the enemy comes behind you so that they again have to go around. At this point, they will either forcefully step on the trap or will die trying to reach you. Regardless of what they do, you will always have the advantage thanks to your positioning.

Caitlyn Ability Traps Guide in League of Legends

Apart from fights, there will be times when you need to take objectives. If your team is the one setting up the objective like drake or Baron, you need to place traps on the path that the enemy will use. Place multiple traps so that the enemy is forced to step on them. While this might be a risky move since the enemy might not use that path, you can place wards ahead to see where they are coming from. At that point, the enemy will be forced to use the other route or step into the traps while you and your team take the objective.

This method does not completely stop the enemy from getting to your team but it does give you a few extra seconds to complete the objective and run away. For a new player, a few extra seconds might not seem like much but if you have been playing League of Legends for some time, you will know that they can change the entire game.

Best Duo With Caitlyn

Best Duo With Caitlyn Abilities Guide in League of Legends

Now that you know how to place traps properly and what Caitlyn does, let’s briefly talk about some of the best champions that you can duo within the bot lane. One of the best combos with Caitlyn is of Swain. When Swain catches someone in his E, he can cast it again to pull them towards him. While they are stuck in his E, you can place a trap right behind them so that they get stuck in it when Swain pulls them. Both of your damage will be extremely high and destroy the enemy right from level 1.

Best Duo With Caitlyn Guide in League of Legends

Secondly, you can also combine your traps with Morgana or Lux. Both of these champions can root the enemy for a long duration. While they are rooted, simply place your trap under the enemy to get the free damage. The enemy cannot do anything during this time except watch. If the enemy support or ADC does not disrupt you, there should be no problems with this combo.

Best Caitlyn Duos Guide in League of Legends

Finally, you can also duo with a champion like Veigar thanks to his E ability. He summons a large cage that can stun any enemy if they hit the outer edges. Even if they don’t hit the edges and are stuck inside, you can easily place your traps and hit them. Since they won’t have a lot of space to move around, it is even easier to trap them once they are stuck in the cage.

There are tons of other champions that are great with Caitlyn as well. Try out various combos to see which one suits you the most and which one is the most successful.

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