Can Mid Lane Carry in Solo Queue?

Welcome back, League of Legends players. Here in Europe, summer temperatures are already in full swing, which means one thing – turn on the air conditioning, prepare a liter of cold water, slice a watermelon and play League of Legends until the Sun sets behind the clouds. 

Also, the League of Legends ranked season is currently underway so we believe you are all working hard to achieve the desired result and move on to the higher tier. But this is not an easy task at all, the competition is great and every match can be risky if you are not prepared enough. 

Therefore, we provide you with another article in which we will give you the best tips on how to improve your League of Legends skills. Scroll down for more details.

League of Legends is a game of nerves, I guess that’s clear to you. This game requires a lot of patience, it is not easy to play with four other players, each of whom has his own tactics and vision in order to be the best to play.

That is why it is important to save your nerves and focus on your champion and try to play the match as well as possible, and at the same time get one step closer to victory and the much desired League Points.

For a brief introduction – League of Legends today is one of the most popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, with a number exceeding one million active users. In League of Legends, players fight in two teams, red and blue. Each team has five players who must work together to win and avoid the risk of their Nexus being attacked and conquered. 

Each player chooses a champion depending on the role he has chosen to play. Players can choose from the following roles – top lane, mid lane, jungler, ADC, and support. Each champion is intended for a specific role, so usually, Jinx will play as an adc and Rengar as a jungler. Of course, some players like to experiment so they will try to give their champion different roles.

What interests us today is how to climb the solo queue ladder as a mid laner. Is it even possible to climb the solo queue ladder as a player playing in mid lane? The first thing you need to know is that if you want to climb the League of Legends solo queue ladder, you have to be very good at the role you want to try.

For example, if you want to do it as a mid laner, it is assumed that you are very successful playing champions who are intended for mid lane.

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Mid Laner – Climbing The Solo Queue Ladder

According to many League of Legends players, mid lane is the easiest lane to clean up when a match starts. One of the reasons why this is so is that mid lane is the shortest lane and it is not difficult to defend it. Even when you consider that a jungler can come very quickly and help his teammate if there is a fight. 

Really different champions can be found in the middle of last year. From mages and fighters to marksmen and assassins. All of these champions have very pronounced crowd control and are therefore very powerful and able to defend their turrets in mid lane. 

But it’s not all that simple, mid lane players have to be very careful not to be surprised by enemy champions from the bushes because it happens very often. Therefore, they must place wards on key areas and reduce the risk of enemy gank.

So in mid lane you can find champions like Lux, Twisted Fate, Annie, or Pantheon. All of them can control lanes very well and inflict damage on the enemy champion. If you want to successfully clear the mid lane, you have to constantly move and be careful that the enemy champions do not catch you. If you decide to play with a champion who has low mobility (Heimerdinger, for example) you will have to plan your attack much better. 

Lack of mobility can be very dangerous if enemy champions start attacking you because you will not be able to avoid the attack and thus defend yourself. In that case, the enemy team will have the advantage of knocking down the turret in the middle of last year and thus starting to break through all the way to the main base where the Nexus is located. And we don’t want that. 

That’s why you need to make good choices at the very beginning of the game. The champion you go with in the mid lane is your most important weapon during the match. Choose a champion you already know how to play, and if you want to experiment with other champions do it outside of ranked matches.

Furthermore, these champions with whom you want to conquer mid lane should be meant to fight. You want to have an aggressive champion who will dominate the lane. Such a champion is ready to fight and will not hesitate to attack and harass his enemy. 

They need to build items that will do much, much damage to enemy champions. Mid lane is the place where teamfights most often take place, and if you choose a champion who is not powerful enough the enemy team will win the teamfight even before it starts.

The next thing you need to pay attention to if you are going to choose mid lane is the map. Mid lane is the center of Summoner’s Rift and that’s why everything important happens there or nearby. So you need to pay attention to using wards and to watch out for monsters that are in the jungle. 

That means you have to put wards near Baron Nashor and Dragon to prevent the enemy team from winning them before your team. If you suspect that the enemy champions have gone to kill Baron Nashor you must signal to your team that they will come together and try to take the Baron away from the opponent.

Also, if you already know how to play mid lane, then you know it is advisable to clear the lane as soon as possible so you can go help your team in other lanes. This way you can win a few kills but also help your teammate clean up his lane. All in all, mid lane is a very mobile lane, so play carefully and don’t lose sight of enemy champions. Every mistake pays dearly, remember that.

We’ve already mentioned teamfights – that’s the next thing you need to pay attention to as a mid laner. Teamfights are a key part of the game where the winner is usually decided, and teamfights start in the middle of the game. 

In every teamfight, you need to know what your role is, and it depends on your abilities, ie the abilities possessed by your mid lane champion. It is crucial to know when you will cast that spell and who you will focus on when the fight starts. As a mid laner, you are expected to be able to deal a lot of damage, so carefully choose items that will increase the amount of damage that your champion will deal to enemy champions. 

Basically, play dominantly and aggressively and ward suspicious places on the map, that will be enough to contribute to your team.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the mid laner is the ideal role if you want to climb the League of Legends solo queue ladder. All you have to do is focus on choosing a powerful champion who has high mobility so he can move around on the map and attack the enemy champions. 

Also, don’t forget the wards – this is an extremely important item because as a mid-laner you have to carry the game in mid lane and keep your own back at the same time, and the wards are designed for just that. Go into battle with a lot of confidence and hope to win League Points. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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