Can Top Lane Carry in Solo Queue?

When it comes to climbing on the League of Legends ladder, you need to know a lot. First, you need to know that it is not easy to travel and that you will have to do your best to stand by the side of the best League of Legends players. 

Secondly, it is important with which role you want to achieve this and with which champions you intend to fight on Summoner’s Rift. The basic rule is to choose a champion you already know how to play so as not to waste time and nerves on perfecting your gaming skill with him. 

With our guide, you will learn how to reach the top of the League of Legends rankings by playing in the top lane. Keep reading carefully and discover new tips on how to improve your skill and win a match effortlessly.

For starters, we’re glad you’re here and can give you lots of tips on how to improve your League of Legends gaming skill. But first a brief introduction; League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that is at the very top of the most popular games today. It was released in 2009 and since then it has been constantly creating an army of loyal players and fans around the world. 

The League of Legends has even turned into an esports franchise where competitions are held around the world in which amateur and professional players participate. The prize pool is extremely large, which is another reason why players apply en masse to these competitions.

Not to mention streamers who have built their careers and fame by recording videos of them playing League of Legends. Such videos are of educational content, and their goal is to advise and teach players about new tactics, so that they are even more successful.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, in order to achieve such great success, it is necessary to start from scratch. And many of you are curious how to climb the solo queue the fastest and most successfully. Each role in League of Legends (top lane, mid lane, jungler, adc and support) has its advantages and disadvantages, with some roles it is much easier to climb the solo queue, and with some the journey is much harder.

Today we are interested in how the top lane champions manage in this, whether they can successfully climb the ladder or it is better to choose another role. To find out the answer to this question, scroll down and continue reading what we have prepared for you on this topic.

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Climbing The Solo Queue – Top Lane – Top Or Flop?

According to many players, both amateur and professional, the top lane is the most demanding lane on the entire Summoner’s Rift. It is located the furthest from the base, and from other lanes, which is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to play on it.

Players who choose to play solo can choose from many different champions and hope they have chosen a strong enough one to beat the enemy champion they will meet in the lane.

Top lane champions have to depend on themselves because they are aware of the fact that their teammates are far away and that it is almost impossible for them to arrive on time if there is a fight in the top lane. 

They have to control the lane all the time, farm fast and at the same time guard the turret while trying to attack the enemy team’s turret. Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, get ready because there is more to come in the top lane.

As we said, it is important that you control the lane from the first minute of the match. This reduces the risk of the enemy player crashing your turret and attacking you at the same time. 

Also, pay attention to the wards. It is important to place wards in key places in the jungle so that the enemy jungler will not surprise you when he ganks the top lane. Junglers often take advantage of player negligence in the top lane and thus allow their adc teammate to easily get to kill.

Set the wards correctly and on time and you won’t have any problems if you see that the enemy jungler is preparing a trap.

Pay special attention once Baron Nashor comes to his place. Baron Nashor is close to you and it is very likely that the whole or at least most of the enemy team will go on the offensive to conquer the Baron (and potentially kill you). If you need help, have your jungler teammate come and help you defend the turret or kill the enemy champion. That’s what the team is for.

We mentioned that it is important to control your lane from the very beginning of the game. Why does it matter? Well, this is important because you have to collect as much gold as possible, to be able to buy items and boost your strength. This creates a psychological advantage because it will not be easy for your enemy to pass by you to start destroying the turret. 

You have to use this to your advantage, so it is important that you know how to farm correctly to clear the lane as soon as possible. Learn trading, as well. It will be useful for you to know when a trading item is dependent and when it is level dependent. A useful skill anyway.

Perhaps the most important skill you need to win top lane is split-pushing. Champions who are great at split-pushing are Fiora or Tryndamere, for example. Split-pushing is when the champion separates from the rest of the team and tries to quickly knock down turrets in one lane. Being good at split-pushing is not an easy task. 

The player must choose a champion who is capable of playing independently and who will not lose a life if enemy champions decide to intercept him on his solo journey.

Enemy champions can be busy killing Dragon or Baron Nashor or they can just go teamfight. Take this opportunity to go clean the top lane and get closer to their base, and hope that the enemy champions do not pay attention to you, otherwise the whole enemy team can go after you so have Flash or Teleport ready so you can escape. 

Split-pushers can often decide the course of a match so learn how to do it properly and lead your team to victory. And hopefully the enemy champion will figure out what happened to them when it’s too late.

As you can see, the top lane is a 1v1 lane that requires a lot of gaming skill, so it’s not so much for new players who can only fed enemy champion and roam around being useless. Choose a good top lane champion and learn his style of play, it will help you when you are in the top lane and when you need to show your enemy who is in charge. 

Prepare to play alone most of the time and not be able to count on the help of your teammates in most situations.

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Final Thoughts

When we gather impressions, the top lane doesn’t seem so scary. It is important to choose a strong champion who can split-push and who can escape quickly if he finds himself in danger. It is important to control the lane from the very beginning and try to collect as much gold as possible. More gold means more items. 

More items means more power. And strength is what will make your champion an unstoppable beast on Summoner’s Rift. Get in on the action now and hone your League of Legends gaming skill today, because who knows, maybe tomorrow you will be at the top of the list of the best top laners this season. And don’t forget to have fun, as well!

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