How to Check If You’re Banned in League of Legends?

How to Check If You’re Banned in League of Legends?

You can get banned in League of Legends for a lot of things. The most common reasons for players getting banned in this game are toxic behavior, scripting, using third-party software that violates Riot’s ToS, and boosting.

If you are guilty of any of these, chances are that you will also be handed a ban for your account. It may be done soon, or it may be done when Riot becomes active and comes up with a massive ban wave.

In League of Legends, you can easily check whether you have been banned or not by simply logging into your account in the League client.

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Types Of Bans In League Of Legends

Depending on the reason, you can get one of many different types of bans in League of Legends. Some of these are just simple in-game restrictions, while some may cause you to lose all the time and money you have spent on League in your career.

When you log into your account in the League of Legends client, you will be shown a detailed notification that will tell you if you have been banned. It will also point to the reason for the ban, and tell you how long you can expect the ban to last.

The common, different types of bans in League of Legends are given below:

Account Lock

Check Account Lock in League of Legends

If Riot Games detects suspicious activity on your account, it may get locked. Once you are locked out of your account, you will not be able to access it unless Riot Support verifies that the account is yours and that it does not violate any of Riot’s Terms of Service.

If this happens, you need to either send an account recovery request from the login page or contact Riot Support at their official email (which is [email protected] at the time of writing) and let them know about it.

Riot Support will then ask you for details that can help them decide that the account really is yours. They may ask you for information like the account creation date, the email used for it, your date of birth, proof of transactions made on the account, details of social services (like Facebook)  linked with your account, etc.

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Account Suspension

Check Account Suspension in League of Legends

Another common type of ban is a temporary account suspension. This type of ban will make you unable to play from your League account for a certain number of days. You will also lose your Honour level progress and fail to receive such rewards for a long time even after your ban ends.

Although this ban will lift itself when the specified time period ends, you should start being more careful about your account at this point. This is because the next step after a temporary account suspension is usually an unrecoverable permanent ban.

This kind of ban is usually handed out to players for two reasons: feeding intentionally and being toxic to others. If you are banned for the former, you will be given a link to the details of the match in which the system flagged and banned you for intentional feeding. Pro tip: do not die!

You can also be given a temporary ban for being toxic to your fellow players, be it your teammates or your enemies. If this is the case, your chat logs will be attached to your ban notification, so you can see for yourself what words got you banned. Then hopefully, you will be more careful in the future.

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Check Permaban in League of Legends

The most dreaded, most heart-wrenching ban in League of Legends is the permaban (or the indefinite form of banning). As the name suggests, this type of ban means there is no coming back to your account anymore. And since it is permanent, it is pretty much impossible to access your account ever again.

Usually, this is only given out to players who are continual offenders, and the system has already recorded repeated violations of Riot’s ToS from their side. If you get permanently banned, your only suggested course of action is to make a fresh account and start anew.

However, if you are sure that you did not do anything to warrant it, and were handed a permanent ban without any reason, you can try your luck by crying to Riot Support. Be advised though, that there is almost no chance of you getting your account back from here.

ID Ban

Not many know this, but the most severe form of ban in League of Legends is not the permanent account ban. It is actually the ID ban. Once a player is ID banned, Riot Games will actively hunt out any account they have, including any new accounts they may create afterward, and directly ban them.

As you can imagine, it is hard to cause Riot Games to take such a strict action, and according to Riot itself, only a few players have ever gotten this ban globally. Usually, this ban is handed out to players who get many different accounts banned for multiple offenses, or if they use extremely harsh words and slurs against other players.

Once you are given this ban, your request for a ban uplift will not even be considered until one year has passed, after which Riot will re-evaluate your profile. Even if an ID ban is lifted, you will not get any account back, just the ability to create a new one and play on it.

Yeah, it is that bad!

Our Verdict

Finding out about your ban in League of Legends is relatively simple. You can just log onto your account and have some basic details given to you about your ban.

However, there are different types of bans, and you should try to avoid letting your ban escalate to a more serious level. Otherwise, you might have to bid farewell to League altogether!

Have you ever been banned? Share your experiences with bans and Riot Support in the comments below.

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