Dark Harvest Veigar – The Ultimate Build Guide (Season 12)

Veigar is one of the strongest late-game mages in the game simply because he can stack his ability power with his passive ability. Each time he kills a minion with his Q, he gains one ability power and doubles when he last hits epic monsters or canon minions. 

He also gains one stack every time he hits an enemy champion with any of his abilities. Because of this, Veigar can reach over 100 ability power in the early game, even if he only has one Amplifying Tome. 

His kit revolves around his ability to burst enemy champions or even one-shot most squishy enemies like ADCs or support champions. During the late game, he can even demolish tanks that stack magic resist; this can be possible depending on the item build and runes Veigar is using. 

This article will show you the Dark harvest built on Veigar and the items and playstyles you can do.

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The Best Item Build For Veigar

  • Everfrost – Veigar benefits significantly from the mythic passive and active effects of this item; once he stuns an enemy champion, he can follow it up with another crowd control ability thanks to Everfrost’s active effect. The mythic passive also synergizes with Veigar’s passive, especially because one of his staple items is Rabbadon’s Deathcap.
  • Rabbadon’s Deathcap – This item is the best for Veigar as it greatly synergizes with his passive. Each time Veigar receives a stack of his passive, it is doubled by the passive effect of Rabbadon’s Deathcap.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – Veigar is a glass cannon, and once you get past his event horizon stun, he is very vulnerable unless he can burst you down. Zhonya’s Hourglass is great for Veigar as it gives him passive defensive stats, and the stasis effect can be used to play around with his cooldowns.
  • Void Staff – Generally a good item against tank champions or anyone who builds magic resist items. 
  • Seraph’s Embrace – Being a champion reliant on casting spells, having a vast mana pool is a must. Seraph’s embrace gives Veigar just that, and not only does it give him a huge mana pool, it also gives him bonus AP the higher his mana is. 
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – This item allows Veigar to deal magic damage to his enemies; Ionian boots are a good contender. Still, the more kills Veigar receives, he already gains bonus cooldown reduction.

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The Best Runes For Veigar


  • Dark harvest – Of course, the main point of this article. Dark Harvest greatly synergizes with Veigar’s ultimate as it deals execute damage. This is also a late-game rune that gets stronger as the game goes. Dark Harvest will deal tons of bonus damage to an enemy when they reach a certain HP threshold. 
  • Taste of blood – Veigar has a long range from his abilities, and the low cooldown on his Q can proc the effect of this rune quite often. The taste of blood is used mainly in the early game to restore HP.
  • Eyeball collection – Being a late-game champion, Veigar dramatically benefits from this rune as he can stack his AP with it; it also synergizes with his passive along with his staple item Rabadon’s Deathcap.
  • Ingenious hunter – This rune works excellent if you actively affect your items as it lowers their cooldowns. 


  • Mana flow band – Hitting enemies with your abilities lets you gain a stack of this rune, and at max stacks, you gain a bonus of 250 bonus mana pool; this is great during the early game as every time you use your ability to poke an enemy, you lose mana, but you gain bonus 50 mana. This also dramatically synergizes with Veigar’s passive mana regen and Seraph’s Embrace bonus damage depending on the mana pool.
  • Transcendence: Veigar’s W cooldown gets reduced every time he gains a kill, improving that cooldown reduction even further.

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Dark Harvest Veigar Playstyle Guide

Early Game Playstyle 

Veigar is not that strong in the early game and needs to stack his passive. Avoid fighting the enemy but poke them from time to time so that when your jungler comes to trick, or you catch them with your stun, you can do your one-shot combo to kill them or make them recall and control the wave. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Once you acquire your Everfrost, you can roam and help your allies secure kills. Veigar’s stun has a long-range to stop enemies from getting away, making him an excellent roaming champion. In any given situation, be the last hit champion as you receive great bonuses every time you last hit an enemy champion with your ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

During team fights,s look to initiate with your stun but stay behind your tank champions as you don’t have self-peeling abilities. Use your W as much as possible as it has the most extended range and the lowest cooldown during the late game. 

Final Thoughts

Dark harvest is the easiest rune to take on Veigar as it is a no-brainer to improve his one-shot burst potential. While Predator is a great alternative rune for Veigar, it only works during early game swindles. Despite your tremendous damage, you are still a squishy champion that can be taken out within seconds, even in the late game so try to coordinate with your team during team fights and have them peel for you.

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