What is Facechecking in League of Legends?

Hello, summoners! The League of Legends ranked season is in full swing, and players are struggling day by day to reach high tiers. Every player knows that a great game requires many factors – a quality champion, motivated teammates, good strategy and a little luck. 

Of course, there is also the desire to make the enemy team as weak as possible. League of Legends players spend a lot of time on Summoner’s Rift, which means a lot of practice and honed gaming skills. 

However, it can always get better, so players often discover and apply new strategies and methods to stand out from the crowd. 

In today’s article, we’ll explain one term you’ve probably heard of, but you may not have had a chance to explore its meaning so far. That term is called Facechecking, keep reading and find out all about it.

Speaking of the League of Legends, this MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game since 2009 when it saw the light of day continues to be at the very top of the top list of the most popular games today. 

It long ago ceased to be just a game, and became a worldwide franchise, with spin-off games like Wild Rift (mobile version of League of Legends) or Legends of Runeterra. 

Also, there is Arcane, an animated series about League of Legends champions. It is important to mention the importance of esports competitions in which the League of Legends leads. 

Players are applying en masse and hope that they will be able to play in the League of Legends arena in front of a crowd of fans, and that they will be in the race for the big cash prize that awaits the winners of this tournament.

Now you see what the League of Legends really is. Professional players will say that this is their lifestyle, of course, they successfully earn from it, and their fans perceive them as role models. 

And now something about the game itself. In League of Legends, two teams fight for League Points, to win. Each team has five players that the algorithm connects based on their rankings. 

After five players get together, the champions are chosen, each player prefers a certain role on Summoner’s Rift and based on that role he chooses the champion he wants to play. 

Once all the players have chosen the champions, the fight can begin. The goal is for players to clear their lanes, knock down turrets and get closer to the enemy base. The team that first reaches the enemy base and knocks down the enemy Nexus wins the game.

Sure, the game is a lot more complicated, but this is mostly a brief description of what awaits you on Summoner’s Rift. And there is a lot waiting for you. So get ready to find out some more news about your favorite game.

So, let’s talk about Facechecking, shall we?

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What is Facechecking in League of Legends?

You must have come across the term ‘facechecking’ somewhere on the Internet and you didn’t know its meaning. Let alone what facechecking has to do with League of Legends. Well, let us explain. 

Basically, facechecking in the League of Legends means that a player recklessly sends his champion to enter the jungle, bush, or even enemy jungle. Why is this wrong? 

So because a player would instead of headlessly invading enemy territory first set up wards or try to use some of his abilities to see if the enemy champion (or more of them) is hiding in that area.

In this way, players risk their lives because enemy champions are waiting for just that – reckless players to fall into their trap. Players often do this to check territory, but it’s much better to consider what the best technique is for it.

That’s why there is Facecheck, a free app that introduces you to the enemy team.

What is the Facecheck app and what is it used for?

When players embark on a new game, they don’t know who their enemies are. They have no idea who is what kind of player, who is the worst, and who is the best.

Also, they may be interested in what their jungler is like and whether they will be able to defeat the enemy champion who is on their lane.

That’s why very smart and creative developers have created an application (and it’s free!) with which players can find out in advance this and much more information about enemy players. Facecheck is an Overwolf app that shows various statistics about players from the enemy team.

So you can find out the quality of their player who plays jungler roles, then you can find out who is good at farming and who doesn’t know how to set wards. 

Also, you can learn tips on how to beat the enemy champion who will play on your lane, and what type of damage you can expect from the enemy team.

Also, this app will point out your own mistakes and those parts of the match that you can work on to become a better League of Legends player. This can be related to your farming or your position in teamfights, the Facecheck app analyzes everything and gives precise stats.

The Facecheck app is great because its data is accurate and precise, and is very much in line with your current status in the game. 

Furthermore, it contains tips on how to fight the enemy champions who find themselves in a match with you, which is a great advantage because you can know on the spot if you need to play more aggressively or wait to buy items that will strengthen your champion.

This app will launch the moment League of Legends starts, and you control it with hotkeys, which means you don’t have to use a mouse. The biggest advantage of this Facecheck app is that it is free, and now we will write the steps on how to put it into your game today.

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How to Install Facecheck?

First of all, you need to install Facecheck and Overwolf. After that, run Overwolf and when you run the match the app will launch and load all the stats that are relevant to you.

With hotkeys (by default, those keys are CTRL + z) you can hide or show the app at any time, so that it doesn’t disturb you during the match. 

After your match is over, a home screen will appear with your stats and you will find recommendations and tips on how to improve them in future matches.

Keep in mind that the stats provided by this app are 100% reliable, and that you can contact their team at any time if you are interested in something extra or want to report a bug. 

The Facecheck app can be used in Ranked, Flex and Normal matches and is intended for use in the League of Legends game only.

We hope this app will help you improve your gaming skill as soon as possible.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, facechecking is a very simple term that can affect your game badly if you don’t think about the strategy you’ll apply when wandering around the map. 

Remember, always use wards to illuminate the dark parts of the jungle so you don’t get caught by the enemy jungler and so you don’t recklessly lose your life. 

Lost life in League of Legends can mean a lot, especially in the later stages of the game when your champion needs a lot more time to come to life.

If you want, install the Facecheck app to explore who your enemies are right before the game starts, this way you will be ready to meet enemies and you will be able to keep them away from you and your turret with the right tactics. Good luck and have fun!

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