How To Fix Voice Chat Issues in League of Legends (Windows)

How’s it going, League of Legends players? Are you ready for another guide, this time of a technical nature, in which we will try to solve one of the common problems that occur when playing – voice chat issues. Voice chat is the ability of players to communicate while playing a match together. 

This option did not exist before, and players found ways to initiate a call via other platforms where the whole team would communicate. The most commonly used app was TeamSpeak or Skype. Fortunately, Riot listened to the wishes of his players and after many years he added the voice chat option to the League of Legends. 

Players can now run the League of Legends game quite nonchalantly and if they wish they can participate in a conversation with other players via the voice chat option.

But what if this option doesn’t work?

Well, it can often happen that for various reasons (which we will list below) voice chat simply refuses obedience. In this case, the players can choose whether to run away and give up the game or to try to solve the problem calmly. 

This article is intended for them, because we will explain the potential reasons why voice chat does not work and we will offer solutions that can solve this problem.

It’s very easy to solve this problem, so don’t worry and keep reading.

We will start with the obvious first – you need to start the League of Legends client and click on the gear icon. Clicking on the gear icon opens the settings in which you need to select the “Voice” section. 

Within this section there is a default setting of “Join the voice channel automatically” should be checked. If this setting is unchecked, you will need to manually join voice chat each time you start the game.

If you are convinced that voice chat is automatically enabled, by default, then it is time to move on to the next possible solution.

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Check Your Input Settings

Among the input settings there is an input mode that sets the voice activity by default. This voice activity works so you have to press a button before you start talking, otherwise no one will hear you. 

It is advisable to place a key that serves to turn on the microphone near our fingers during the game, otherwise we may lose time until we find that key, and at the same time we will lose focus on the game.

Check Your Headset

In order for someone to hear you, you need to have a properly connected microphone and headphones- if your microphone is not connected, you can talk as much as you want, no one will hear you. 

Also, check the volume settings, they must be set to an audible level, and if you use cable equipment, make sure the cables are properly connected to your computer or laptop. After checking this, in the League of Legends client you can test the voice chat feature, check if this will solve your problem.

Select Proper Input Device

In these settings you can choose which microphone you want to use, sometimes it happens that some setups have built-in microphones, so the computer will automatically select them as the main device.

In Windows, look at the bottom right of the taskbar where the microphone icon should be located. Right-click on it. After that, select the ´Recording´ tab and make sure your microphone you are using is set to ´Default Device´.

Now you can start talking, if the settings have been updated you need to see how the indicator bar starts while talking, it is a sign that the computer is receiving your voice messages. 

Then select the microphone you want to use and select the “Properties” option. In the “Properties” tab uncheck option “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” if it has been previously checked. Sample rate you need to set it to 16 bit, which is 44100Hz. 

After setting this up, you can go back to the Sound Panel and select “Playback”. Now, make sure your headset or microphone is set to “Default Device” and right-click your default device and click “Test”. If the settings are well adjusted, you will be able to hear sound from your headphones or speakers.

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Check the Status of Your Network

Sometimes it can happen that your voice chat in League of Legends doesn’t work because you don’t have internet, simple as that. 

After making sure that your microphone and speaker settings are set correctly, check the status of your internet network. Try downloading the Hextech Repair Tool, run it and select the “Use Google DNS” option.

Try Opening Router Ports

If the Hextech Repair Tool does not resolve the issue, you may need to manually open ports on your router to enable the voice chat option. Your computer’s IP address settings should look like this:

  • TCP – 443 – for Web server (HTTPS)
  • UDP – Choose 50 Ports from 1024 – 65000
    • NOTE: You do not need to open this entire range, just 50 ports within it. For example, you might forward ports 61000-61050.
  • UDP – Ports 6250, 5060 and 5062

Update Your Audio Drivers

Players often do not take into account that outdated drivers can cause various problems when playing League of Legends. 

There is a very high possibility that the microphone suddenly does not work due to outdated drivers or due to some other issues related to drivers. Players can try to adjust the drivers settings themselves but this is very easy to do with a program called Driver Easy.

Driver Easy is a program that will automatically recognize your computer’s system and find the appropriate drivers for it. That way you can’t go wrong because you won’t try to find and install drivers yourself.

Driver Easy gives you two options to choose from – to update your drivers for free or to choose the PRO option with which you get a warranty and a refund within 30 days, so choose for yourself what you think is best for your computer.

First you need to install Driver Easy on your computer, then run the program. When you start the program, select the Scan now option. With the Scan now option, Driver Easy will scan your entire computer to find which drivers may be causing problems on your computer.

After that, when all the drivers appear, you will be able to click on the Update All option and new versions of all drivers that have been outdated so far will be automatically downloaded and installed. 

But remember, for this you will need the PRO version of Driver Easy. You can do it for free, but it’s mostly manual.

After you have finished updating your computer’s drivers, you must restart your computer for the new settings to be updated and for the new version of drivers to be accepted into your computer’s system. 

After that, restart your League of Legends client and try testing voice chatting with your teammates to see if the microphone works. If the microphone works, your problem is solved.

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In League of Legends, it’s not uncommon for certain technical things to start to be a problem when playing. This problem can usually be solved in a few steps, but players can easily think that this is a huge problem that only new gaming equipment will solve. 

In most cases, these can be incorrectly configured settings, so you need to go to settings and check the settings, then you need to check if the computer is properly connected to the Internet and if the drivers are updated. 

Outdated drivers are one of the most common causes of technical issues in gaming, so remember that. We hope this article will help you if you ever have a problem with voice chat in League of Legends. 

If you have another way to fix voice chat issues on Windows, feel free to comment your opinion. Good luck and have fun playing League of Legends!

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