What Is The Best Role To Climb In Solo Queue? 

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games out there and being the most popular means there’s got to be a competition. League has different game modes and it’s most popular is the ranked mode where most players fight to climb the ranks.

It also has different divisions which determines how good you are at playing League of Legends. Recently, riot games also announced statistical data about the ranked distribution, meaning how many percentages of players are in one certain division. 

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League of Legends Rank Distribution.

  • Iron 5.4%
  • Bronze 27%
  • Silver 34%
  • Gold 22%
  • Platinum 8.2%
  • Diamond 1.6%
  • Master 0.18%
  • Grandmaster 0.039%
  • Challenger 0.017%

From the data that we have here, we can see that the highest number of players in the rank distribution comes from Silver, meaning this is where players mostly get stuck in. The reason most players get stuck at a certain rank is that they don’t know what champions to use or what role to focus on, hence they get hard stuck. All of us started playing League of Legends and at some point, we were all noobs who just jump straight into the game all guns blazing wanting to win.

Some of us picked it up early that we need to study the mechanics of the game so we can win more and lose less. But for the majority of people, that is the very reason why they are hardstuck at a certain rank. There are lots of things you can practice before rising through the ranks of League of Legends, and one of those ways are knowing what role to play. 

What Is The Best Role To Climb In Solo Queue?

This is a question that has varying answers and that depends on what your skill level is and what rank you are. Each rank in League of Legends has a different META, it has different champions that win most games for each rank, for example, Master Yi is a pretty strong champion but he is easily defeated when players know how to counter him, and countering him is pretty easy. 

This could mean that Master Yi is not viable in higher ranks as players in Diamond and up know their mechanics too well. The opposite can be said to lower ranks as they are probably players who are new to the game or they are just players who play casually and don’t care about counter mechanics so Master Yi will probably thrive there. I will answer the question of What is the best role to climb in a solo queue and I will go into detail about each rank. 

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Iron is the lowest rank of them all meaning players here really have to not know what they are doing to fall in this rank. To know how low this rank is, even if you lose 10 of your provisional games, you won’t fall as low as Iron. That being said, brute-forcing every game is the way to go, meaning you can simply use champions that are pretty easy to use and very overpowered to carry your entire team. If you know what you are doing then Mid Lane or Mage champions are the best role you can pick in the iron division.


Slightly higher than Iron, Bronze is still considered a very low rank and these are mostly composed of players who simply got lucky and won some games and got out of the iron division. It remains the same, brute-forcing is still the best way to win games in this division. ADC or Top lane is the best role for bronze players to climb.


Silver is where players start to think about their mechanics a little bit, these are the players who just started practicing their Macro and Micro by watching some of the YouTube videos. Support champions usually carry the games in this division because almost all players in this division want to replicate what they watch on youtube highlights or montages. So supporting them and helping them score takedowns will be the best choice. 


Much like Silver, this is just a bit higher and players still play the same, but some have already practiced and familiarized themselves with the idea of having a good Micro yield a higher win rate. Mid lane is usually the best role to pick in the gold lane as it has access to all other lanes on the map. It is the most flexible role given its position and the champion pool of this role. 


This is the point where there are lots of players who really struggle to climb, platinum is what most players think is the elo hell or the hardest rank to get out of no matter how seasoned of a player you are. After all, this is the convergence of players who are just starting to be good and players who fall off of the diamond because of being queued against a challenger player. Mid-lane still is the best role for this division.

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This is where things get really competitive, this is the point where players really have to study every mechanic possible to come out on top of each game. These ranks require the most Macro heavy champions and roles to carry games, team coordination and map reading are the name of the game so roles like Jungle and Mid lane rule these ranks, it is the hardest role to play knowing that all players in these ranks have mastered their responsibilities as individuals in a team.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what role is the best to climb out of a certain division is just a simple thing to master, there are lots to consider if you want to climb out of a rank. League of Legends has lots of mechanics that you need to consider and practice, there are lots of Micro and Macro to consider. 

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