Full AD Kayle – The Ultimate Build Guide (Season 12)

Kayle is initially an AP champion, and all of her abilities scale with ability power. Her core items are Nashor’s tooth and Riftmaker. You can make this OP build in any game you play. But did you know that you can build Kayle as an AD champion and play her like an ADC? 

Because of her ranged nature and spells that can slow enemies and deal AoE damage, she can be built like a late-game Jinx; the only difference is that she has a spell that makes her invulnerable and deals tons of damage as it ends. Read on as we show you the detailed build on AD Kayle and her runes and playstyles. 

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The Best Item Build for AD Kayle

  • Kraken slayer – for the mythic item of this build, Kraken Slayer is the choice as you will be focusing on improving your attack speed and elemental attacks. It has a passive that lets you deal bonus actual damage for each third hit you inflict on an enemy. Its mythic passive also greatly benefit this build, giving Kayle a 10% bonus attack speed for each legendary item she builds. 
  • Ravenous Hydra – This build will not only focus on Kayle’s attack speed and elemental attack damage but will also improve her AoE damage. Ravenous Hydra is just the item for that. Each time you inflict damage with your passive, it procs the effects of this item that lets her deal even more AoE damage.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane – A classic item on the on-hit Kayle, Runaan’s hurricane gives lots of value to Kayle as it improves her attack speed and also gives her a bonus critical strike chance as well as improves her AoE damage. 
  • Infinity Edge – IF you are building crit items, having IE is a must as it increases the critical damage you inflict on your opponents by 25%. It also gives the wearer a considerable boost in attack damage.
  • Bloodthirster – back in the earlier seasons of League of Legends, there existed an item that most battle mages use, which is the Hextech Gunblade. Still, because the item is no longer present in the game, bloodthirster is an excellent alternative as it restores its HP of Kayle for each hit. Bloodthirster also received a buff, giving the wearer a bonus critical strike chance.
  • Berserker’s greaves – it only makes sense to build attack speed boots because you are making an attack speed build.

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The Best Runes for AD Kayle


  • Lethal tempo – This is the premier rune for attack speed builds; it also recently received a buff that gives the user a bonus attack range. This will significantly help Kayle as it allows her to catch up to enemies or kite much better. 
  • Triumph – This rune restores Kayle’s HP every time she scores a takedown and is excellent every time he tries to tower dive and protect himself with her ultimate. After the ultimate invulnerable effect comes off, the heal is a tremendous self-peel passive.
  • Legend: Bloodline – Legend: Alacrity seems like an excellent choice for Kayle because she will need to have a high attack speed, but with all the items she’s building that improves her attack speed, a bonus lifesteal looks like the better choice.
  • Last Stand – Kayle mainly uses her ultimate when she is at her last 500 hp, and casting her ultimate at that HP threshold lets her deal bonus damage.


  • Taste of blood – Kayle can poke enemies with her E or Q during the early game; this will come in handy if your opponent is a melee champion in the top lane, which you can bully and quickly restore your HP every time you trade with them.
  • Ultimate hunter – Kayle needs her ultimate to be up most of the time, and this rune will lower its cooldown; you can easily stack it as early as mid-game so long as you roam and respond to your allies’ assist my ping.

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Full AD Kayle Playstyle Guide

Early Game Playstyle

You might want to avoid fights during the early game as Kayle is a late-game champion. Before reaching level 6, you are a melee champion with feeble abilities. Because of this handicap, try to use your Q and E to secure minions and stay at a safe distance, especially when you are facing a champion with gap closers. Avoid dying so much as this will put you in a tough spot. 

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game, Kayle is not that strong yet, so still try to avoid fights; you can coordinate with your mid laner or jungler for a tower dive and protect them by casting your ultimate when they are getting hit by turrets. However, you can try to do 1v1 fights as long as the enemy is not too far ahead. Remember that you have the advantage of your ultimate that makes you invulnerable and lets you deal burst damage.

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, you will be destroying the entire team of your enemy. You will surely destroy their team if you are left to hit enemies freely while at the backline. Remember that you have a lethal tempo as your rune and your attack speed increase the more you hit enemies and your attack range. 

Final Thoughts

AD Kayle is a very unconventional build for Kayle as it doesn’t scale well with her abilities; you can try to use this build if enemies stack magic resists against you, which will be the standard thinking they have if they are facing you in the top lane. 

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