5 Hardest ADCs in League of Legends

In League of Legends, the map on which the game is played is called Summoner’s Rift. This map is divided into lanes with one player trying to defend it and knock down enemy turrets. Except for the bottom lane, which needs two players – ADC champion and support champion. These two players must play together, support should protect their ADC and defend the turret. 

However, choosing a role in the League of Legends is no easy task. Each role is special in one way or another, as are the champions who are meant for it. In today’s article, we will talk about ADC champions, ie the 5 most difficult ADCs in the League of Legends.

ADC role in League of Legends is often considered superior to other roles. This is because ADC champions have the privilege and power to be playmakers and to collect the most kills during a match.

Among the League of Legends champions, there are many ADC champions, of different abilities and difficulties. Players can choose the champions they like and try themselves as playmakers. However, some of these ADCs are not very simple and can do more harm than good if you choose them without first studying their gameplay.

Now let’s list the 5 hardest ADC champions in the League of Legends.

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5. Samira

When Riot launched Samira to the public last year, he probably didn’t expect Samira to become a favorite of the League of Legends players. Samira is an ADC champion who can easily dominate the lane with her aggressive style. 

However, Samira’s kit is by no means simple. Her abilities must be combined in order for her strength to come to the fore. At the beginning of the game, she is dependent on her support, so it is important which support will be in the bot lane. One tip is to check out a few of Samira’s gameplays on YouTube or Twitch because that way you’ll be able to catch some of the strategies if you decide to play with Samira. 

Samira is also one of those ADC champions who really have to work with the team to win. Regardless of her strength, she alone will not be able to carry the whole team. She deserved the last place on this list because she is one of the hardest ADC champions but with good practice and proper build, Samira can do wonders for her team.

4. Kalista

Kalista has high mobility and she is a really strong ADC champion, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. With her passive, which is almost her main strength, she can harass her enemies and avoid their spells, thus saving her own life. A typical lane bully, we can say. 

Also, she can engage very well, and mostly because of her ult, and so can inflict a lot of damage on her enemies. But be careful, Kalista like Samira depends a lot on her support, so team up with someone who can bear to sacrifice a little more to make Kalista stand out with his abilities. At the very beginning of the game, Kalista must gain an advantage when clearing the lane. 

If Kalista starts to lag behind her enemies, it will set her back and she will probably not be able to get back into the game the way that suits her best. Watch when you use the ult, her ult can save the support champion, engage or save the turret from enemy champions. 

Kalista may seem like an easy bite but it takes a long time for players to learn how to make the most of her abilities for Kalista to really be able to take control of the game. So, take your time, the knowledge of Kalista will surely pay off for you.

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3. Lucian

This list could not pass without Lucian, of course. Lucian is one of the most popular ADC champions in the League of Legends, but also one of the toughest. Lucian’s abilities should be well managed so that Lucian does not start the match and the enemy champions defeat him at the very beginning. 

It often happens that players who are new to the League of Legends choose Lucian, not even knowing that they are doing their team more harm than good. Lucian is one of the most accurate League of Legends champions and his misses are hard to forgive. 

A player who knows how to play with Lucian knows that he must carefully poke their enemies and try to make as few misses as possible. His spells are really hard to learn and use properly, so if you see that Lucian doesn’t suit you, choose another ADC champions who may be less demanding. All in all, this is an extremely strong champion, it only matters who dares to play with him.

2. Varus

In second place on this scale is Varus. Varus is one of the more flexible ADCs in the League of Legends, which means there is no one universal way to play it. His way of playing largely depends on who his support is, what the ADC is like in the enemy team, and what the team strategy is. With his W he can stack, and stacks can deal magic damage to his enemies. 

What is even more interesting is that this magic damage can be equivalent to the maximum HP of an enemy champion. If you are a beginner who wants to improve your skill of playing with Varus, you can go with Lethality or AP, it will give you power over enemy champions. His strength lies in his ult, with ult he can easily attack enemy champions but at the same time defending himself. 

For example, if an enemy champion wants to engage him, Varus can use his ult to lock down that enemy champion and thwart his plans. By the way, Varus can’t really defend himself from enemies, so it’s good for him not to separate too much from his teammates so that he doesn’t accidentally lose his life.

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1. Aphelios

We have come to the end of this list, at the top of which is Aphelios who is one of the toughest ADC champions in the League of Legends. He is also a flexible champion, and his abilities can be crucial when the game comes in the mid and late games. 

Given all that his abilities can do, Aphelios is the toughest champion for which it takes a long time for a player to learn him and fully understand how his abilities work. Players playing against Aphelios can never know what will await them on the other side of the lane. And the same can be said for his teammates who have to plan their strategy well in order for Aphelios to become a real playmaker and carry the game. 

His power is in his guns, and his ult is what makes him special – if used at the right time. His ult is long-ranged so he can deal damage to one or more champions, depending on how many are found in the area when the explosion occurs. These gun combinations are the first thing you need to master when playing with this extremely capable champion.


This was a list of the 5 toughest champions in the League of Legends who once they can learn can become real playmakers and on whom the game can depend. As you can see, most of them may seem easy at first but their abilities are demanding and therefore not intended for players just starting their League of Legends journey. 

Each of them has a special set of abilities and each of them requires a special strategy. With a lot of practice, you will be able to play these champions, and everyone will wonder where you got so much skill. Good luck and have fun!

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