Top 7 Highest Base Attack Damage Champions in League of Legends

When you join a match, no matter what kind of match it is, normal or ranked, you choose a lane, and you can be either solo-laner or duo-laner in the bot lane. But have you ever wondered what’s inside of a high-elo player when they join the match? 

One of the first things they analyze is the match-up. For example, if there is any chance to get the first blood, how will the lane situation be regarding the picks (especially if there is a counter pick). But overall, the base stats of the enemy champion is for sure in their minds.

But is it possible to remember all the stats even when they might change with the first items and the runes? No, after all, there are a lot of champions, but you can surely remember some, at least the most essential and common picks, and one of the most crucial stat to remember is the base attack damage. 

Knowing who has the highest base attack damage in the game can predict how a single trade will end up and eventually if there is any chance to get a FB or a simple kill. Based on that pure stat, they can think how better it is to play against the enemy if they have to poke, engage minor skirmishes, go all in, or wait for the jungler or the roaming from mid-laner. 

You don’t need to remember that stat, but at least to have an idea about how strong your opponent might be in the beginning, that small detail can give you benefits all over the lane phase.

So today, I will show you the Top 7 Highest Base Atack Damage Champions in LoL.

1. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is a bully champion that benefits from mobility and the crit damage. If you are playing a melee champion against, it will be a match that you have to take seriously because he will try to bleed you out and keep the sustain.

So in early levels, if you are playing with a melee champion that has minor attack damage than him the best option is just to do the last hit, get under your tower and let him push so your jungler can take advantage of that mistake and get a kill out of him. 

On the other hand, if you are the one who is playing Tryndamere and you are in the same situation, DO NOT PUSH! Do just last hit and harass the enemy when he tries to get a minion by spinning and hitting him with one or two auto-attack. In that way, eventually, you could get an easy kill as long as you are aware of the river and the enemy jungler.

If you are a ranged champion, just harass him until you force him to go back, freeze lane and get as much advantage as possible before hitting level 6, when probably he is going to look for engaging. If you are the Tryndamere, just farm as much as you can, don’t risk yourself for a few minions, and wait until the jungler can come to help you out. If you risk yourself and get killed, it will make it worse.  

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2. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath is a natural bully, and it gets the benefits of the E that can harass and help you farm and crowd control that can help him get away from a gank, be part of or initiate one. With 69 base attack damage, you should think twice when you plan to engage him, especially if you are a melee champion. 

The best option is to try to harass and predict the Q to avoid damage and crowd control and try to stay away from his sight when he is trying to farm avoiding the damage from his E. The annoying part is his healing ability every time he kills a minion, so the only way that I see might be successful is trying to deny farm and harass at the same time or wait for a gank that can help you get a kill.

On the other hand, if you are the Cho’Gath, the best thing you can do is to try to harass as much as possible without pushing the lane. Pushing the lane will give you a disadvantage, especially because Cho’Gath is so slow. So try to get the enemy as low as possible and connect a Q to secure a kill. 

When it comes to a ranged champion, harass as much as you can and secure a kill. If you are the Cho’Gath, just hug the turret and farm as much as possible. It is not intelligent to dive against a Cho’Gath early, especially when he has minions to farm and get a bit healed in the process.

3. Kalista

Kalista is the queen of the kiting. In early levels, she is annoying but slow, and at the high level, it is almost unreachable unless you have a lot of crowd control. Kalista, same as Cho’Gath, starts with 69 of base attack damage, which increases with items and runes, so what do you do when playing with Kalista? 

Easy, every time you last hit a minion, jump in front and try to hit the enemy one time. If the enemy lane is not strong, you can start kiting early levels by trading damage and farming until you have the moment to go all in and get a kill. If the enemy lane is strong and can damage you more than you do, try to use your Q to share some spears and get a good amount of damage with the E, but of course, this takes practice. 

On the other hand, if you are playing against Kalista, try to use the crowd control when she jumps close to you, and you can trade more damage. Kalista is good at making small trades but not good enough at early levels making big trades, so if you have explosive damage, it will end up better for you against her damage per second. 

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4. Ornn

Ornn is a good champion that usually gets underestimated, it has a lot of crowd control, and you think his damage is not that good until you trade with him.

Never underestimate his damage! No matter if it is a troll Teemo, don’t do it. It is better to stay calm and consider your enemy at least as skilled as you.

Ornn comes with 69 of attack damage (does Riot loves that number?), but what makes Ornn unique is the skills kit he has. For him, it is easy to farm and ready to engage if he gets help, but also it is easy for him just to walk back, so usually Ornns doesn’t play aggressively but passively and farming. Of course, if you trade with an Ornn, he will do it before he connects his first combo and sends you to fly a bit. So the best option against him is to wait until he fails his combo and make a trade. Usually, you can win the trades against him like that, but also let him push so you can get help from the mid-lane or the jungle. 

If you are Ornn and you fail a combo, don’t make a trade. Just go back a bit because probably you are going to get traded. Do not push the lane. Just do last hits and if the lane is being pushed against you or holding it in a middle point, just wait for the jungler to help you out. 

5. Renekton

Renekton is one of my favorite champions. I believe it has all, mobility, great to initiate, good to run away if ganked, good trade, thank, a good amount of damage, good sustain, and the base attack damage is 69 as well. If you are playing with Renekton, what you want to do is to be a bully. 

You can just last hit minions and start to trade at level 2 if you get E as a second ability, or start to tease with Q since level 1, use your rage to do a good combo, starting once with E, then W with Rage to double attack and stun, one basic attack, then Q and E to get out of there, if you are tricky, you can deal damage with the E when you are getting out. Then eventually, you can force your enemy to go back or stay and die. On the other hand, if you are against Renekton, just be aware and stay away from him when he gets red rage bar, and mostly he will push. Just sit back and wait for your jungler to help. 

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6. Camille 

Camille is often underestimated by many. Her skill kit is powerful, good to initiate, good to run away, great to keep you away from farming and stay in the zone when she ults.

With 68 of base attack damage, Camille can be deadly, if you are playing with Camille, just keep your enemy on the line and try to exchange damage every time you go to last hit, just your Q to deal damage and W going back to get out of there if things get complicated, E to the wall and run or if it’s chasing way better. If you are against her, try dealing as much damage as you can during the trades to force her to play passively, don’t push the lane, and engage after she has used E. Camille is strong but lacks mobility without E makes her an easy target.

7.  Fiora

Fiora is a fighter for excellence. With 68 of base attack damage, she is a pain to play against her because it is always pocking every time a mark appears on you, and this eventually gets you low and forces you to go back or hug the tower until you get dived, and that’s it. If you play with Fiora, stay alert of the marks and don’t be greedy. Some marks are not easy to get. Focus on the farm and get the easy marks to engage the enemy when he is low eventually and secure a kill. 

If you are against Fiora, just stay away from when an easy mark is over you to prevent getting damage, and if Fiora is greedy and tries to get a hard mark (usually going behind you and your minions), take advantage of the minion force and do as much damage as possible to force her to go back or to play smarter (A.K.A passive)

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Final Words

Knowing all the basic stats from all the champions is complicated. Still, suppose you are playing solo or duo Q. In that case, you must learn the most common picks, especially if you are a one-trick pony or you have a shallow champion pool. In that way, you know the possible pick the enemy will take against you, which reduces the numbers a lot. For example, you play Nasus, what would be the most common pick against him? 

Let’s generalize, Teemo, Garen, Renekton, Illaoi, Mordekaiser…Now, from that list, what are the most common picks you could face? Let’s say Teemo, Garen, or Renekton. It is easier to remember these champions’ stats than all the possible counter picks.

When to engage, to stay calm and hug turret, to avoid fighting at all and even when is his/your power spike. All these are things you will understand with this information. It takes a while to get used to thinking about this, but you will be closer to reaching the next ranking division once you get it.

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