How To Lane Against Seraphine – Ultimate Guide

How To Lane Against Seraphine - Ultimate Guide

Seraphine, the champion of versatility, is capable of assuming multiple roles in League of Legends. When in the mid lane, she can be a formidable opponent due to her crowd control and ranged abilities. Plus, as we know, any champion released after 2020 is bound to have issues!

Her long range is enough to harass you from miles away, while any damage you do to het gets healed or shielded like it’s nothing. Her mana pool also seems limitless, making her a pain to deal with. However, she isn’t as tough of an opponent as she looks!

This guide offers an intricate strategy to handle Seraphine in the mid lane. She may be versatile, but we’re cleverer, right? Right! So let’s dive in!

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Understand Seraphine’s Abilities

Understand Seraphine's Abilities

Before you can effectively lane against Seraphine, you need to understand her abilities. Seraphine has four abilities, and each of them can deal significant damage or crowd control. Her abilities include:

  • High Note (Q): Seraphine fires a sound wave in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and increases the damage of her next basic attack.
  • Surround Sound (W): Seraphine heals herself and nearby allies and grants them bonus movement speed. If she’s already used this ability, she can reactivate it to deal magic damage to nearby enemies and root them.
  • Beat Drop (E): Seraphine fires a shockwave that deals magic damage and slows all enemies hit. If the ability hits an enemy champion, it will also deal damage to all nearby enemies and grant Seraphine a shield.
  • Encore (R): Seraphine fires a shockwave that deals magic damage and charms all enemies hit. The charm duration increases based on how many enemies are hit, and the ability can be recast once to deal additional damage and extend the charm duration.

Exploit Seraphine’s Cooldowns

Exploit Seraphine's Cooldowns

First and foremost, we need to abuse Seraphine’s weaknesses. And boy, does she have a few. This diva heavily relies on her abilities to deal damage and crowd control, so make her pay for it! Force her to waste her abilities on thin air, and she’ll be left floundering like a fish out of water. And don’t forget to take advantage of her cooldowns.

If she can’t use her abilities, she can’t fight back effectively. So jump in there and show her who’s boss!

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Remain Out of Range

As a ranged champion, Seraphine can inflict damage on you from a distance using her abilities. If you are unable to dodge her abilities, you will sustain damage and fall behind in lane. But fear not! If you stay out of her range, you’ll be safe and sound.

Stand behind minions to block her abilities, or move unpredictably like a jittery squirrel to make it harder for her to hit you. Easy-peasy, right?

Build Magic Resistance

Build Magic Resistance

Seraphine’s attacks deal primarily magic damage, so let’s gear up with some magic resistance, shall we?

Items like Mercury’s Treads and Banshee’s Veil can help reduce the amount of damage you take from her abilities.

That way, you’ll be able to survive and fight back with all your might.

Identify Opportunities to Engage

Now, let’s get to the fun part – engaging Seraphine! When she’s vulnerable, make your move! Dodge her abilities like a ninja, and then strike! She won’t know what hit her. And if she gets a little too big for her britches, and overextends, you can punish her with glee.

Collaborate with Your TeamCollaborate with Your Team

Last but not least, communicate with your team. If Seraphine tries to sneak off and gank another lane, let your teammates know. They’ll thank you for it, and maybe even buy you a drink at the end of the game.

And if you’re feeling extra sneaky, coordinate with your jungler to set up some ganks on Seraphine. You’ll have the advantage in lane, and you’ll be able to secure some sweet kills.

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Warding is Important

Warding is Important

You want to be able to keep an eye on Seraphine at all times, so make sure to place those wards in key areas, like the river and the brush. That way, you can avoid being surprised by her sneak attacks and make her regret ever trying to take you on.

You’ll want to ward in all the right places, like her wraith camp or the river bushes. Trust me, if Seraphine even thinks about roaming, you’ll be there waiting for her like a stealthy ninja.

But what if you’re feeling extra spicy? Well, in that case, consider using a pink ward to really throw her off her game. Because who doesn’t love seeing their enemies flounder around in confusion, right? Drop it in the river (where she’s most likely to gank), and see the magic unfold!

Punish Seraphine as Much as Possible

Punish Seraphine as Much as Possible

Oh boy, are you ready to make Seraphine’s day go from bad to worse? Well, saddle up your champion and get ready to punish her cooldowns like they’re some sort of free real estate.

Now, when that songstress starts using her abilities to clear waves or harass you, don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs. Take advantage of that tiny window of vulnerability and strike while the iron is hot! Get all sneaky and use a decoy minion or bust out some unpredictable moves to bait out her abilities. Then BAM, swoop in for the kill like the hero you are.

And if you really want to make Seraphine cry, consider playing a champion with some serious mobility, like Yasuo or LeBlanc. These champs can easily dodge her skillshots and engage her with ease, leaving her wondering why she ever decided to give up singing for this life of getting pummeled by champions.

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Don’t Play Lane if You Don’t Want to

Don’t Play Lane if You Don’t Want to

But hey, if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, just focus on farming like a good little farmer. Build up your gold and experience, and wait for your moment to strike. And don’t forget to last-hit minions and clear waves like a boss. Oh, and try not to take unnecessary damage, unless you’re a masochist or something.

Oh, and one more thing, for the love of all that is holy, RESPECT HER ULT. That Encore ability can charm multiple enemies and set up kills for her team. So, don’t be caught off guard by it, unless you want to be charmed like some love-struck fool. Unless, of course, that’s your thing. No judgment here.


Well, there you have it, folks. The ultimate guide to making Seraphine’s day a total disaster. Just remember to punish her cooldowns, dodge her skillshots, farm like a boss, and, above all, respect her ult.

What’s better than watching your enemies crumble before you? Oh, that’s right, nothing. So go forth, my fellow champions, and show Seraphine who’s boss. Or, you know, just have fun playing the game. Whatever floats your boat.

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