How to Mute Players in League of Legends?

League of Legends players, welcome back to another how-to guide about your favorite game, yes, we are talking about League of Legends. League of Legends is one of the most popular games today and there is probably no person who considers themselves a gamer without having heard or tried to play this addictive game. 

This is a MOBA game where two teams fight each other on a map called Summoner’s Rift. There are 5 players in each team who choose their champion before the start of the game, depending on the lane they will play. 

Your team must demolish enemy Nexus before the enemy team to win League Points. But today we will not talk about the rules of the League of Legends but about something also important for the players. We will deal with the culture of chat in the League of Legends match in this article.

Lague of Legends has a chat in game option that allows players to exchange messages with their team members or even with enemy team members during the match. This is a great option because the players can agree on a strategy and give instructions to each other in order to play attacks as efficiently as possible and kill the champions of the enemy team. Also, you just can’t carry the whole game by yourself, and chat is an ideal option to work out tactics with your teammates.

The chat option makes it easier for players to navigate the map as well. Players can agree within the chat whether to attack Dragon or Baron, or it is preferable to gather in the mid lane and start a team fight.

However, where there is the possibility of exchanging messages, there is also the possibility of using this option for abusive purposes. Harassment through chat options has become a harsh reality for all multiplayer games, including League of Legends. 

Some players simply do not want to respect other players, so they writes various insults and spreads negative energy among the players of one team. To them, chat serves as an outlet to heal their frustrations and to bring confusion among players.

Fortunately, Riot Games has made an effort to develop a very good report system through which players can easily report toxic players who will then receive punishment in accordance with those same reports. Punishment can vary from temporary to permanent banning of the League of Legends account.

Toxic players tend to use their offensive messages to distract their teammates from the fight. Players instead of cleaning their lanes and attacking their enemies, stand at the base and write answers to toxic players who just want to get all the attention and have their team lose the match.

Wondering if there is an option to silence toxic players during a match? Yes, there is a magic option called ‘mute’ and you can use it to turn off toxic players (of course, don’t forget to report them at the end of the game because they deserve punishment for their behavior, and reports can stop them from joining matches).

Follow these steps to mute players in League of Legends:

The first and most radical option is to mute every player on the map and to make sure right from the start that no one’s comments will get in the way of your victory. However, this is not the most desirable option because you may miss your team’s agreements on how you will play, whether it is time to attack or defend and other important information about the game.

If you still want to choose the option to mute everyone on the map you have to know that it can affect your gameplay negatively because you will play independently and thus endanger the life of your champion and the victory of your team.

To mute everyone, write command / / mute all “or” / fullmute “(just delete quotation marks) and you will not receive anyone’s messages during the match. If you are the type of player who plans to use this tactic for each match you can add a command to make this process much faster each time the match starts.

You can also mute players before the start of the game, during the selection of champions. It often happens that players start with negative and toxic comments at the very beginning, luckily you don’t have to wait for the game to start to put them on mute. 

Just type in chat command “/ mute” and the name of the player whose messages you do not want to receive in chat. Also, you can copy his name if it’s easier for you because it often happens that players who are used by League of Legends to abuse other players use a name that does not meet the criteria of summoner’s name.

After the match starts you will see a smiley-face icon and a bubble icon. If you click on the chat bubble icon you will stop all incoming messages from other players, and by clicking on the smiley-face icon you will be able to block their emotes and pings.

As you can see, putting someone on mute is very simple, just follow these advices.

Furthermore, maybe at some point you decide the unmute players you put on the mute. You can do that at any point of the match, it’s also very easy. If you mute players using the Tab button and scoreboard option, you will need to unmute them the same way. Click on smiley-face and bubble icons again to unmute these players. After this step you will be able to see again what these players are sending to the chat.

With this option you will be able to unmute players but you can use chat commands, as well. There is no universal command for unmute but you can use the following command “/ mute” and write the name of the player you mute before. As you can see, the first time you write this command the player will be muted, and the second time you write it the same player will be unmuted.

And finally an extreme example of how you can ignore toxic players forever so they don’t greet you in the next match. Maybe an individual player has annoyed you so much that you never want to play with him again, let alone read his messages. 

You will have to ignore these players with the / ignore command. Just write the name of a player you no longer want to have on your team and whose messages you never want to see again. You can do this via the command listed above or you will wait for the match to end and the after-game screen to appear.

If by any chance you come across this player again in the queue, you will receive a warning during the picking stage. The warning will say that the player you are ignoring is in the same match as you, or that you are on the same team. If the player is in the enemy team, you will not receive this warning, so you will not know who you are playing with until the start of the game.

When the game starts, you will be able to read the names of the players on the scoreboard and you will see if any of the players are on your mute list.

And that’s all for today’s article on how to get rid of toxic players you unfortunately sometimes can’t choose from and keep your peace of mind while playing a League of Legends match.

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Player toxicity is very common, so it is not uncommon for there to be a community of toxic players within the League of Legends whose goal is to make the match bitter for other players. Luckily, with these tips you can quickly exclude toxic players from your chat environment so you won’t get further annoyed.

Remember, League of Legends is a place of fun and positive competition, never think it’s okay for someone to insult you and send ugly messages. Use the mute option but also report players like this because Riot will punish them fairly. Good luck and have fun playing League of Legends matches!

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