How To Open A Port In Your Router For League Of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players! Are you ready for another how-to guide about this spectacular game that has been entertaining players since 2009? Of course it is, that’s what we thought. But first a brief introduction to the League of Legends. 

League of Legends is a multiplayer game in which players are divided into two teams – red and blue. Teams have 5 players, and each player has a special role. The player can be an ADC and carry the whole team on his back, if he wants the player can choose jungler rolls and roam around the jungle killing jungle monsters. 

Or, a player can play as a support champion and dedicate his life to an ADC player. The choice is yours, and the champions are waiting to be chosen.

Today, the League of Legends has over 100 million players worldwide. And we have no doubt that figure will be much higher in the coming days. In Europe and North America, this game simply dominates the list of most popular games. 

No wonder, Riot Games really does a top job with new updates and patches in which it surprises players with new events, champions, skins and other great stuff which makes League of Legends matches even better.

Let’s go to our main topic today, which is the League of Legends port forwarding. For those of you who still don’t know what port forwarding is, here’s an explanation.

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Wonder What Is League Of Legends Port Forwarding?

Your router has a security feature, a basic firewall that blocks incoming requests from the Internet. In this way, it prevents potential hacker attacks and unauthorized access to your data and system. Since League of Legends is a game played on special servers, it can run more efficiently and faster if some ports on the router are opened.

The benefits of the League of Legends port forwarding are as follows:

  • the speed and stability of your internet connection increases which makes the League of Legends game run smoothly
  • fixed lag and latency issues
  • reduced ping during League of Legends match
  • League of Legends game performance will be faster and better because in this way a better connection with League of Legends game servers is achieved.
  • there will be no unexpected disconnects during the League of Legends match

Now you can see why it is good to try this option. By opening a port connection you allow other players to join your home network. So you become the host of the game and you can video call and chat with other players without fear of lags, and your quality of gameplay will be outstanding.

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Informations You Need To Know Before Port Forwarding League Of Legends

  • The IP address of your gaming console, which can be PC, PlayStation or Xbox One
  • The IP address of your router
  • And last, a list of the UDP and TCP ports of the League of Legends that you need to forward

Do you know how to find the IP address of your router? Each router has a separate IP address that is used for communication. You can log in via the IP address of your router to configure the router or change some other things, such as the Wi-Fi password.

  • To find the IP address of your router, you need to do it via Command Prompt.
  • First, click on the Windows Start icon, then type Command Prompt in the Search bar. After that the Command Prompt will open in which you need to type ipconfig/all
  • Next to the Default Gateway will be the IP address of your router.

Now that you have found the IP address, you can take the next step – set up port forwarding.

As we have already said, port forwarding is a great way to speed up your internet connection, reduce ping while a match is going and improve the overall League of Legends gaming experience. To do that, just follow the following very simple steps.

First you need to use the IP address you found to log in to your router settings.

  • To do that, open your internet browser. You can choose any web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Then, instead of entering the page you want to visit, write the IP address of your router in the Address bar. Press Enter. After that a window will open in which you can log in.
  • Use your router’s default credentials to log in, unless you have changed them in the meantime.
  • Then, click on the Add Service tab and there you will see the box where you need to enter the IP address of your PC or other console where you play League of Legends.
  • In the Service box, you can write a name that will remind you what this port forward entry is for.
  • Then, select your chosen protocol in the Protocol tab. If your router has Both protocol, make one entry. If not, you will have to create two entries for the UDP and TCP. After that, enter the UDP and the TCP ports of the League of Legends in the boxes provided. If you have to forwarding a range of ports, then enter the lowest number in the left Global Port Range and also the highest number in the right Global Port Range.
  • In case of forwarding a single port, enter this number in the bot on the right and the left Global Port Range boxes. Also re-enter these ports in the Local Base Port box.
  • After all these steps, reboot your router to update the settings. You can also check your ports to see if they are open.

These are League of Legends ports that you will forward if you use your PC to play League of Legends:

League of Legends – PC

TCP: 2099, 8393-8400, 8088, 5222-5223

UDP: 8088, 5000-5500

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Final Thoughts

League of Legends is a game that really sharpens your skills, involves a lot of focusing and planning a quality strategy to destroy the opponent. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular with the gaming population. Also, champions in the League of Legends really tell stories, which attracts players even more to enter the world of the League of Legends.

In this guide we have shown you a technical trick that allows you a more stable and faster internet connection during the League of Legends match. Follow the steps from our guide and learn how to forward ports to make your League of Legends game experience even better. Good luck and have fun!

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