How To Surrender In League Of Legends?

League defeat after surrender

League of Legends games rely on one team snowballing and ending the game using their advantage. While all kinds of circumstances are possible, one of them is extremely common. Sometimes, a team would snowball out of control and gain too big of a lead. In such a case, the other team has little to no chance of making a comeback in the game.

Players can start an early surrender vote at 15 minutes (10 minutes in case of an AFK) by clicking Surrender in the settings menu or typing /ff in chat, requiring unanimous votes. After 20 minutes (15 minutes in case of an AFK), only 70% of players need to vote yes for the surrender to go through. Remakes allow you to surrender at 3 minutes without a loss.

When faced with such a dilemma, the opinions of people are split. Some people prefer to play the game out, hoping for the enemy team to make a significant misplay to turn the tides of the game. Others, prefer to save their time and move on to the next game so they can start over. Today we will take a look at the surrender feature available in League of Legends.

What Is Surrender

Surrendering is an act of starting up a vote that allows the team to decide whether to forfeit the game or not. It is meant to be used to save time for players on both teams by allowing the game to end early and conceding the victory to the enemy team.

Surrender votes are extremely common in games of every rank. Players may start a vote if they are unwilling to play the game out. However, surrendering is a team decision. So if a team decides that the game is worth playing out, then the minority does not get to decide the outcome.

Time Gap Between Surrender Votes

If a surrender vote is started and a majority of Yes votes is not reached within 60 seconds, it will fail. In such a scenario, the voting can not be initiated again until 3 minutes have passed since the last voting ended.

If a majority of players do end up agreeing to the vote and voting yes, then the game will end immediately and the victory will be assigned to the opposite team.

How To Surrender

Surrendering is a very easy process and does not require a lot of effort, there are multiple ways to start a surrender vote. We will go over the methods and the conditions required for each of them here.

Chat Commands

Players can start a surrender vote by using certain chat commands. This is the usual way of surrendering for people that are quick at typing. The steps to surrender through the chat are simple:

  • Press Enter to open the Chat
  • In the Chat Textbox, type /ff.
  • Press Enter to start a Surrender Vote.
  • Players can also type /surrender, /concede, or /forfeit to begin the surrender vote.

League chat commands

Surrender From Menu

If you are not a fan of typing, you can simply start a surrender vote from the settings menu. All it takes is two clicks to get the vote going:

  • Press Escape to bring up the Settings Menu
  • In the bottom left corner, click “Surrender”
  • This will begin a surrender vote if the game timer allows it.

League surrender from menu


Early Surrender (Summoner’s Rift)

If you are playing on Summoner’s Rift, you will need to wait 15 minutes before calling a surrender vote. The surrender vote called before 20 minutes (any window of time between 15 minutes and 20 minutes), is termed an “early surrender” vote. This vote is required to be unanimous if surrender is to take place. This means that every single player must vote yes for it to be accepted.

Early Surrender (Howling Abyss)

On Howling Abyss, however, surrender votes can be called starting at 8 minutes into the game. Any voting started between the 8-minute mark and the 12-minute mark is also called an “early surrender” vote. Votes must be unanimous for the surrender to go through before 12 minutes.

Normal Surrender

A surrender vote on Summoner’s Rift past 20 minutes only requires 70% of the players to vote Yes to pass. Similarly, starting from 12 minutes into the game, a surrender vote on Howling Abyss requires 70% of the votes to go through. In a normal 5v5 game, this implies that 4 people out of the total 5 on one team must vote yes, otherwise the vote will fail.

Please remember that if a person fails to vote anything before the voting timer runs out, their vote will not be counted but considered as if against the surrender. Players who are AFK or disconnected will not get a say in the vote. If a player vote and immediately quits, their vote will also not be counted.

Voting On An Existing Vote

As we discussed earlier, an early surrender vote requires a unanimous agreement. For normal surrender votes, 70% of the team must agree to surrender for it to be passed. The person who starts the surrender vote has their vote automatically counted as the first “Yes” when they begin the vote.

  • If there are 5 players on the team, 3 out of the other 4 players must vote yes for the game to be surrendered.
  • If there are 4 players on the team, 2 out of the remaining 3 players must vote yes.
  • If there are only 3 players on the team, all of them must vote yes for the vote to go through.

Unless you are the player who started the vote, you can vote by clicking on the “Yes” or “No” buttons present on the Surrender window. You can also press Escape and click “Surrender” from the Settings menu to cast a Yes vote. Finally, you may vote in chat as well by typing /surrender, /ff, or /nosurrender or /noff and pressing Enter.

League voting on existing vote


Remake is different from the normal surrender votes. This is a special type of surrender that is only available if a player on your team is AFK or has disconnected from the game early on. When a remake goes through, the player who was AFK or disconnected will receive a Leaver penalty and the game will count as a loss for them. The rest of the players will not be punished in any way. The game will be listed as “Remake” for them and it will not count towards a win or loss.

Players can start a remake vote by typing “/remake” in chat.


  • A remake can only occur if an ally has been marked as AFK by the game or if they remain disconnected for 90 seconds after the game starts. All of these conditions need to be met before the 3-minute mark.
  • 30% of the remaining players must vote Yes in order for the remake to go through. This means at least two out of the total 4 players left must vote Yes.
  • A First Blood against the disconnected player’s team must not have taken place before the player disconnected.
  • If a First Blood takes place during a /remake voting, it will not affect the voting and the remake will still go through if the voting is successful.
  • In Ranked mode, any Diamond 4 or above players that are in a premade with the disconnected player will receive a loss in case of a remake.

Surrender With AFK

Players may choose to surrender a game early if their team has an AFK or disconnected player. This can happen if a remake did not go through or if the player disconnected after the remake window.

The player who disconnects or AFKs will receive a Leaver penalty and the game will count as a loss towards their record. The rest of the players will still receive a loss if they surrender, however, they will receive reduced LP loss to compensate for it.


  • If a player is AFK on a team, the other players may start a surrender vote at 10 minutes. This vote is an “early surrender” vote, which means an unanimous Yes vote is required to surrender.
  • After 15 minutes, the players may surrender with a majority of 70% or higher, just like normal surrender votes.


League of Legends is a team game, so it is only natural for the surrender decision to be made by the whole team. Surrendering is an efficient way of saving time by forfeiting games that are clearly unwinnable or if most of the team deems the game not worth playing anymore. Make sure to keep a cool head during the game and not get tilted by a surrender vote or try to tilt your team with a surrender vote.

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