How To Take Screenshots In League Of Legends?

Hello, League of Legends players, how’s been going these days? Do you collect League Points and climb the leaderboard? In League of Legends, the goal of the players of each ranked season is to play as many ranked matches as possible, win as many League Points as possible and reach the highest possible tier. 

Of course, during this time he gathers experience and hones his gaming skills, and at the same time competes for special prizes with which Riot rewards the most successful at the end of each ranked season. It pays to progress, doesn’t it?

League of Legends is a global gaming franchise that has long since ceased to be just a game. Today there are various cosplays, animated series, YouTube hits, global tournaments and many more content related to this game. In this game, you probably already know the rules. 

You choose the type of the match, you find yourself in the queue, then in the champion select you choose which champion you want to play, depending on the role. After that, you and your team of four other players fight five enemy players on a map called Summoner’s Rift. You kill minions and try to knock down enemy turrets, while killing objects in the jungle, buying items and killing enemy champions, as well. 

The goal of each team is to be the first to reach the enemy base and destroy the enemy Nexus. After one team destroys the enemy Nexus the game ends and the League Points go to the winning team. It sounds easy, but all League of Legends players know that it is not an easy journey from the beginning of the game to the arrival at the enemy base.

Today, the topic of this article will be somehow technical. Many players are interested in how to take screenshots in League of Legends. Screenshots can be used for various purposes, even if you brag to your friends that you played the last match perfectly. 

Maybe you want to save some funny moments to share them with your friends, the screenshot of the game will be helpful then. However, many players still don’t know the tips and tricks on how to do it precisely.

Luckily, you are in the right place because here are some tips on how to take screenshots in the League of Legends game.

In Windows 10, you can use several key combinations to take screenshots. However, in League of Legends game none of these combinations will not work except F12 key. Just press F12 key while you are in the middle of the League of Legends match and your screenshot will be taken. If you want to see your screenshot after the game, go to My Computer and click on Local Disk C :. There, search for the Riot Games folder, open the League of Legends map and then open the Screenshots folder.

For MacOs, use the combination of the Command + Shift + 3 keys to take a screenshot. This taken screenshot will be saved on the desktop, and it will be in fullscreen.

In addition, Riot Games now allows their players to save the entire match and watch it later if they want. How cool is that!

Its called the Replays. With this Replays option, you can watch the match as many times as you want. However, Replays are only available for one League of Legends update. So, when a new update arrives you will no longer be able to view the saved Replay. This saved game will expire.

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How to Save a Match?

To save the match, you need to do the following steps: after the match is over and the stats open, you will see the Save button at the top right. Click on this button to save your match.

It will take a few moments to load and then instead of the Save button you will see the Play button.

Now you can watch your game again and take a screenshot if you forgot to do it in the first place. Also, remember that your game in Replays will be available until the next game update, and that in the recorded version of the game you will not be able to see the chat, only the game.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is certainly not leaving its place on the list of currently most popular games in the world. It has been successfully battling competition for years, and in the past few years this game has also got its spin-off games like Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and even a mobile version called Wild Rift. 

In addition, Riot Games strives to bring players novelties with each new update and game patch, such as special events, new champions, new skins, emotes and rewards for the players.

In this article, we wrote about something that interests many players. Imagine playing such a good game that you’re sorry you didn’t play with some of your friends. Maybe some player has such good skin that you want to remember it, or maybe something so funny happened that you want to capture that moment.

Therefore, there is an option of screenshotting, so that no moment is forgotten. If you read this article carefully, you have learned how you can take a screenshot in the middle of the League of Legends game, and where it is located. If you may know of additional options, feel free to share them with us and other League of Legends players. And of course, have fun playing League of Legends!

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