Is Camille AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Camille is a versatile champion who was once played in the jungle and the top lane. Recently, players have been finding wins with her in the middle lane, and who knows, she might even thrive in the bot lane as the META changes. Camille is a great 1v1 champion that can deal tons of true damage thanks to her empowered Q. 

She also has a great passive that gives her an adaptive shield. Her shield gets procced every time she hits one champion for the first time. The shield she generates depends if the champion she hits is AP or AD. You might think she can beat either ap or AD, but what is her primary stat anyway?

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Is Camille AP or AD Champion?

Here’s the answer:

Camille is an AD-based champion meaning all of her damages come from attack damage scaling, although she has a passive on the W that lets her heal depending on how much max HP she has. Camille already has impressive damage thanks to her Q, meaning you can build tank or AD items on her, which depends on the enemy’s team composition. I like to build tank items on her because she already has an excellent gap closer and damaged. Even with all tank items, she can still burst down an isolated ADC. 

There are tons of builds that you can do on Camille, but her staple items or the ones you should rush have a passive spellblade. It greatly synergizes with her Q, which has a low mana cost and low cooldown, meaning you can proc it every time it comes off cooldown.

Best Builds for Camille 

  • Against tanks – Titanic Hydra, Sterak’s Gage, Blade of the Ruined King, Divine Sunderer, Plated steel caps, Guardian Angel.
  • Against Squishes – Titanic Hydra, Trinity Force, Sterak’s Gage, Death’s Dance, Plated Steel Caps, Guardian Angel.

Best Runes for Camille 

  • Grasp of the Undying – Camille is an excellent trading champion, especially since she is played mainly in the top lane. Grasp of the undying will not only give her sustain but also boost the damage from her basic attacks.
  • Shield bash – Camille’s passive gives her a shield depending on the enemy she hits for the first time. This means that every first hit Camillie lands on an enemy, she will deal bonus damage that can also be synergized with sheen and her Q for a quick burst.
  • Bone plating – When you play Camille, she needs to have defensive stats in the early game, and this rune greatly synergizes with her passive as well.
  • Overgrowth – for late-game bonus HP.

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When Should You Pick Camille?

You should pick her if the enemy has a solid but squishy backline. Camille can use her dashes and ultimate to have powerful backline access that can even isolate vital targets. You can also pick Camille if there are tanks present, as you can build tank items and deal true damage to enemy tanks simultaneously. 

She doesn’t need to have very high damage, give her sustain items and some defensive stats, and she can deal with all the tanks. You should also pick her if the enemy’s top lane champion is strong at 1v1 or has a dash ability to escape; Camille counters dash champions hard. 

What’s The Best Lane For Camille?

Camille can be picked mainly in the top lane as she is a powerful top lane tank/bruiser; she can quickly push lanes without his jungler’s help. She also has an excellent ganking potential, meaning she can also be played in the jungle or the mid-lane.

Mid-lane, however, needs good mastery over Camille to be an effective lane; some Macro things should also be considered, like wave management and lane rotations. 

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Camille is an AD-based champion that can be built like a tank or a bruiser. Sustain items like lifesteal and shields are her staple items. In the late game, she is a tank bruiser champion but can be squishy against champions that can stack offensive stats. Be careful in using her E as it can be used for an aggressive play but can be risky if you don’t land the stun. 

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