Is Corki AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Corki is an interesting champion when asked whether he is an AD or AP. Corki is recently receiving lots of praise and giving players high win rates because of his new item builds. Players are abusing this newfound build and can one-shot entire teams. 

Corki also has a great passive that lets him improve his E or his Valkyrie. Corki’s primary damage source and poke potential comes from his ultimate and his Q. He also has a great AoE ability that can deal tons of DPS-type damage.

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Is Corki AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Corki has lots of different builds, but his most successful build recently is a hybrid build of AP and AD. Corki has a passive that lets him convert his primary attack damage to on-hit magic damage. His abilities also scale with both AP and AD, so no matter what you build, be it a mage or an ADC item, Corki will significantly benefit from it. His abilities scale with both AP and AD and can proc any unique effects of these items, which takes us to, What are the best items to build on Corki?

Best Item Build for Corki

  • Luden’s Tempest – Has excellent synergy with Corki’s ultimate as it has a low cooldown; you can repeatedly proc the effect of this item each time it’s off cooldown. Building this as your first item also allows Corki to mitigate his mana loss thanks to one of this item’s Components. 
  • Manamune – Corki is a mana-dependent champion, and making this item evolve will also let him deal bonus damage with his DPS abilities. Muramana will also improve Corki’s basic attack damage as it gives him a bonus on-hit damage.
  • Ravenous Hydra – Corki’s ultimate and his basic abilities deal AoE damage. With the new effect of Ravenous, you can improve your AoE damage which also synergizes with Luden’s Tempest. Corki’s Long ranged ult also benefits from this effect. 
  • Maw of Malmortius – Being a squishy champion, Corki needs at least one defensive item, and this one is great as it also gives him ability haste and bonus AD. It also has an omnivamp that triggers whenever he is low on health. 
  • Shadowflame – this is a new item that lets you deal with tanks and have to bonus magic damage against them. It also gives corki a flat 100 AP that will surely improve the damage to his abilities. 
  • Ionian boots – Cooldown reduction will help Corki spam his abilities more often. 

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Best Runes for Corki

  • First Strike – This is the new rune that replaced Electrocute as the burst rune. This rune allows you to deal bonus damage the first time your ability hits which synergizes with Luden’s tempest. It also increases your damage dealt with enemies for a certain percentage within a limited duration.
  • Magical Footwear – This item will allow you to focus on building offensive items during the early game to win your lane. 
  • Biscuit Delivery – This is an excellent sustain rune for the early game as it gives you a free potion when you are at the laning phase of the game. Whenever you use this, it will also give you bonus mana which works great for early game Corki.
  • Timewarp tonic – simply a great combination for Biscuit Delivery; you can use this when trading with an enemy champion during the early game and have a mini heal. 

When to Pick Corki?

He is best picked when there are no gap closers in the enemy as he is a squishy champion that only has his E as his self-peel ability. He is also a great pick if there are squishy champions in the enemy team, as he can one-shot them once he has his core items.

Corki won’t be able to trade with late-game carries like Vayne, though, so your playstyle depends on your ultimate range. 

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Being a hybrid AP and AD, Corki has lots of options for countering champions and having item builds. He will be a powerful champion during the late game so try to play it safe during the early to mid-game. Falling behind the enemy ADC or mid laner will most likely take Corki out of the game, and it will be tough for him to catch up. 

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