How To Do Lee Sin InSec Kicks In LoL? (Step By Step Guide)

How To Do Lee Sin InSec Kicks In League of Legends? Step By Step Guide

League of Legends has a lot of different combos on the mechanically challenging champions. One of them is Lee Sin, a very mobile champion that has a variety of tools built into his kit. His ultimate can be used to reposition enemies, allowing you to pick off isolated enemies.

An Insec Kick requires you to hit your Q and recast it to reach your opponent. At this point, you can either flash behind your opponent or simply place a ward behind them and jump to it with your W. Once behind them, you can kick your opponent back into your team so your teammates can finish off the kill.

Performing an Insec kick isn’t simple, as it requires a lot of practice to consistently perform the steps in perfect order without wasting any time between each step. Let us take a look at how this combo works and how it originated.

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What Is An Insec Kick?

An “Insec” kick is a well-known way of utilizing the Dragon’s Rage kick on Lee Sin to pick off an enemy. In this play, the Lee Sin player dashes to a target using his Q, flashes or ward hops behind the enemy, and kicks them back into their team. This allows the Lee Sin to instantly push an important enemy target back to his teammates while offering little to no counterplay to his opponent.

Insec kicks became extremely popular because of how flashy they look, while still maintaining their efficiency. This trick also comes with a large amount of risk, so failure to perform one perfectly can also lose you the game.

History Of Insec

Lee Sin InSec Kicks History Guide in League of Legends

If you have played or seen Lee Sin players do this trick, you have probably heard this kick be referred to as an “Insec”. But why exactly is it called that? The Insec kick is named after the popular South Korean player named “inSec”. He is a retired professional player who played from 2012 to 2018. For the majority of his career, he remained a jungler, with a short amount of time spent playing Top Lane.

While we can’t be sure the kick was actually invented by inSec himself, as players reported multiple Korean Solo Queue junglers performing this trick occasionally. However, back in the 2013 All-Stars Event, inSec performed this kick on an international stage, leading to its popularity.

Advantages Of Insec

Lee Sin InSec Kicks Advantages Guide in League of Legends

An Insec is extremely hard to pull off unless you have been constantly practicing it in your games or in the practice tool. It is natural that such a high risk play must come with high rewards. The biggest advantage offered by an Insec is that it allows you to isolate a very important target from the rest of their team.

Saving your combo for the perfect teamfight moment can allow you to pick off an opponent. R+Flash buffer on Lee Sin offers a negligible window to flash out of the combo and ends up being a test of reaction time for the opponent. This is because Lee Sin can recast his Q to reach your position, so it will carry him to you if you flash too early. But once Lee Sin reaches you, he can start casting his ultimate, which roots you in place, preventing any escape.

Sending an enemy into the entirety of your team is a guaranteed death sentence, as the target is unable to move until the animation is over. Additionally, an Insec kick can be performed as soon as Dragon’s Rage kick is off cooldown, provided you have wards or flash available. This makes it a game changing combo that enemies must always be wary of.

Minimizing Difficulty

If you have ever seen this combo in action, you can tell that it is fairly difficult to pull off successfully and consistently. It is a practical way of picking off enemies in high elo and professional play, but in lower elo it can be too hard to be recommended. However, if you want to perform it, there is one thing you can do to reduce the difficulty by a slight margin: Quick Cast

Setting your abilities, summoner spells, and wards(items) to Quick Cast can allow you to seamlessly transition from one step to another. Quick cast cuts your clicks in half by taking out an extra left click to cast your Q, W, R, and Trinket.


Lee Sin’s Insec kick can only be optimally performed in Summoner’s Rift. This is because the only way to frequently jump behind the enemy is using ward hops. Ward hopping requires you to have wards in your inventory, whether the invisible wards from Yellow trinket or Control Wards from the shop.

Since wards can be bought and trinkets have a short cooldown, this allows you the freedom to perform the combo frequently and still have Flash to escape if things go wrong. In game modes without wards, Flash must be committed to perform an Insec. Flash has a long cooldown and therefore it is unwise to rely on it for consistent outplays. Using Flash also leaves you without an escape.

Ability/Level Requirement

The abilities required for Insec kicks include Q, W, and R. Unlocking his R, the main component of the combo, requires Level 6. This means this combo can not be performed before Level 6.  As you put more points into your R at levels 11 and 16, this kick can be performed more frequently because of the reduced cooldown.

Step By Step Procedure

Here are the steps you need to follow to pull off a successful Insec:

Step 1 – Hit Q

Lee Sin’s Q allows him to reach his target from a long range if he hit the initial part of this ability. His Q is a skillshot and must connect to a target so he may recast it. Closing the gap will be much harder if you don’t hit the first Q.

Lee Sin InSec Kicks Step By Step Guide in League of Legends

Step 2 – Recast Q

After you have hit your target with your Q, you can recast it to automatically dash towards your target. This is important because it allows you to get to the melee range of your target in an instant. A helpful tip in this regard is to wait till the last moment before recasting your Q. This will allow your Q to be back up by the time you finish the combo, so that you may Q another target and get back to safety.

Step 3 – Ward Behind Enemy

At this point, you have approached your enemy from the front using your Q. You may also reach your target by flashing towards them, this combo is known as the Chinese Insec. At this point, you must quickly place a ward right behind your opponent. Make sure you have your finger on the trinket/item slot so you don’t delay the ward and allow the enemy to escape.

Step 4 – Ward Jump

As soon as the ward is placed, you can press your W on it to Safeguard yourself to it. This is known as a Ward Hop or a Ward Jump. This will take you right behind your target. Once you are behind the enemy, you are in a prime position to cast your ultimate.

Step 5 – Ultimate

As soon as you finish your ward jump, you can hover your cursor over your target and press R. You can start spamming this ability right after casting your W to minimize the downtime between the two steps. If done correctly, your opponent will first be rooted, and then launched into the opposite direction. Your team will welcome the free kill and thank you for it.

Lee Sin InSec Kicks Step Ultimate Guide in League of Legends

Using Flash (Alternative)

It is possible to perform an Insec without wards, but you have to commit your flash for it. The rest of the steps remain the same. As soon as you arrive at your position with your Q, you can cast your R on the target and immediately flash behind them. Your ultimate can be buffered, so R+Flash is always a better combo than Flash+R as it saves you time. Flashing behind the target replaces the ward jump while retaining everything else.


The insec combo has been described above, and no further steps are part of the actual combo. But in practical situations, it still leaves the escape in question. If you followed the tip listed above, your Q should be off cooldown by the time you finish the combo. This will allow you to Q any viable target and recast it to dash away from danger. Alternatively, you can use your flash to get away from danger. However, you must remember that you will not always be in danger after performing an insec.

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The Insec is a pretty cool trick to do and is considered one of the most difficult combos in the game to pull off. It takes quite a lot of practice to get consistent with it. It is not always worth taking the risk to perform this combo, but it can be a game changer if pulled off at the right moment.

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