Most Mobile Supports in League of Legends

Hello, summoners! Are you ready for the new League of Legends guide? In today’s guide, the emphasis is on mobility champions, more precisely support champions with high mobility. 

Playing with such champions increases the chances of winning and allows support champions to roam around the map and be useful on lanes other than bot lane. Mobility in the League of Legends is a very important feature that many champions possess. 

Champions with low mobility can quickly fall victim to much stronger champions, so it is important to choose champions with high mobility or buy items that will increase it. 

We have selected a list of 5 best mobile support champions in the League of Legends, which is not an easy task because many champions deserve to be in the top 5. However, if you are a fan of support role and like to play support champions, this is the article for you.

Everyone already knows about the roles in League of Legends. League of Legends is designed to bring five players together in one team, according to their roles, and to fight against an enemy team on a map called Summoner’s Rift. 

Currently, in the League of Legends there are more than 150 active champions who have different characteristics and are designed for different roles.

Today we are interested in the support role. The supporting role is one of the more demanding roles in the League of Legends. 

Support champion plays on bot lane together with adc champion, and the role of support champion is to protect his adc and to be ready to even sacrifice his life in order for adc to survive. 

Support champions need to be good at setting up wards across the map, as well as healing their teammates or shielding them, depending on the abilities they possess.

Supports are often underestimated because it may seem to someone that they are not playing for themselves, but for the benefit of the team. 

However, supports get grades based on their assists and other things they do for the team. 

It is very important to understand that today there are many strong support champions who can carry the game by themselves, and that is what makes them a very strong choice when choosing champions.

Of course, today we will talk about the mobility feature that makes up a very large part of the overall impression of a champion. 

Champions with high mobility are much more capable of team fights as well as catching enemies. And they are also able to gank other lanes and help their teammates as soon as they clean the bot lane of enemy minions.

In the continuation of the article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best mobile supports in the League of Legends, so let’s see which champions we have here.

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5. Janna

In fifth place is Janna, the famous support champion. Janna has a shield to protect her teammates, she is also really strong support that can dominate the bot lane as soon as she collects enough gold and improves her build. 

Janna has passives that allow her high mobility and so she is ready to catch enemy champions trying to escape when they see her and her adc in tandem. Janna is not an easy champion to master, so you will need some time to learn how to combine her abilities. 

You also have to learn how to properly protect your teammates, for which the whole team will be grateful.

4. Rakan

Rakan, Xayah´s lover, is an ideal support because he knows how to keep what he loves, which is evident from probably the most romantic story in the League of Legends lore. 

Rakan has naturally high mobility that can be further enhanced with items like Shurelya´s Battlesong or Mobility Boots. Rakan will very quickly help his adc teammate to clean the bot lane, and then he will go to other lanes to help his teammates. 

Rakan is very loyal, so his adc doesn’t have to worry about Rakan leaving him (especially if Xayah plays with him in the bot lane). His entire ability kit is dedicated to mobility. 

His Grand Entrance makes him dashing to an area and knocking down all enemy champions located in that area. 

With his ult, The Quickness, Rakan gains extra movement speed while simultaneously deals damage to his enemies. Choose Rakan to see what a champion with high mobility looks like.

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3. Blitzcrank

The fact is that most players don’t like Blitzcrank, mostly because of its hook that tends to catch anyone trying to attack Blitzcrank or his adc friend. And he usually succeeds in that. 

Blizcrank is the most banned champion in ranked games, also. With his abilities he can be very fast, and his movement speed is most often used when it comes to catching enemy champions who have low health. 

Furthermore, Blitzcrank is ideal for ganking because it can hide in bushes where there are no enemy wards and wait for enemies to approach, the second they come within hook range it can pull them. 

His enemies will be confused and will not know what befell them, leaving enough time for Blitzcrank and his teammates to kill their victim. Also, Blitzcrank with mobility items can improve his mobility, so remember that when you choose his build.

2. Lulu

Lulu is one of the underrated champions among the League of Legends players. Lulu, however, has over 50% win rate, which is very good considering he is a support champion.

Lulu has high mobility and can poke her enemies all the time, which can make angry players angry who will not be able to defend themselves from her in time. 

Also, Lulu can polymorph their team and thus increase them, and when they are increased they look much stronger and more dangerous and so can dangerously threaten the enemy team. 

Her abilities put an emphasis on her movement speed, which is why Lulu can escape if she finds herself in danger or can set out to capture an enemy champion who is trying to escape from the jaws of Lulu’s team. 

Choose Lulu to see how high mobility can affect gameplay and break down prejudices against this cute floral creature.

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1. Pyke

At the top of this list is deservedly Pyke. According to many data, Pyke is definitely one of the strongest support champions that we can ask if he is intended as support at all. 

High mobility allows Pyke to always be at the center of the action. He can be very good at team fights, he can gank other lanes to help his teammates, also, Pyke can further strengthen his build to increase already high mobility. 

Why is Pyke such a strong champion? Well, Pyke with his Ghostwater Dive can significantly increase his movement speed and at the same time activate his passive which will regenerate his health. 

With his E, called Phantom Undertow, Pyke summons his shadow that can stun his enemies while he can dash very quickly. With Pyke, victory is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

The support role in the League of Legends is often underestimated, players sometimes do not bother to understand support players, so they can often criticize their gameplay, for example, that their support takes gold or steals kills. 

Playing as a support is very demanding, so it is important which champion we choose. Some champions are a much better choice than others, which in turn depends on other factors, such as choosing the support champion of the opposing team. 

In this list, we listed 5 support champions with high mobility in the League of Legends, and it was hard to pick just five. If we left someone out, feel free to share your opinion with us. 

Otherwise, good luck playing your League of Legends matches and have fun playing with the new support champion.

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