10 Most Popular Items in League of Legends

If you didn’t know, what makes a real League of Legends player are not skins or ranks, okay they are, but you can’t reach a high-rank status without – you guessed it, items. Items are the most important thing a champion can own during a match. 

With the right choice of items, he increases damage, movement speed, ability, power, health, and other things that keep him alive and allows him to fight enemy champions. That’s why it’s essential to learn what each item serves and how best to combine them. 

Of course, all this can be learned during a lot of playing, so you better get to work right away. Okay, after reading this list of the 10 best items in the League of Legends.

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10. Shadowflame

Shadowflame gives your champion +100 Ability Power and +200 Health, and Cinderbloom allows your champion to benefit 10 to 20 additional Magic Penetration based on current Health when deals damage to other champions. If the enemy champion is protected with Shield, your champion will receive a maximum of 20 additional Magic Penetration.

  • Buy rate: 6.4%
  • Win rate: 54.8%

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9. Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge has been a popular item among League of Legends players for many years. It is most often bought by ADC champions, as Jinx, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Caitlyn, Lucian and others. It gives to champions +65 Attack Damage and + 20% Critical Strike Chance. Also, Infinity Edge has a special passive that increases the champion’s critical strike bonus damage by 50%.

  • Buy rate: 6.6%
  • Win rate: 58.1%

8. Divine Sunderer

Divine Sunderer is intended for champions who are eager to fight, and with +35 Attack Damage, 400 Health and +20 Ability Haste, he will enable them to become invincible warriors and show their enemy champions that there are no jokes with them. 

Spellblade allows your champion after using ability his next attack will deal 12% / 9% (melee or ranged) of target’s max Health. Also, if the target is champion, it will heal 7.8% / 3.6% of the target’s maximum HP. Try it on fight champions, Jax, Darius, or Garen. Or experiment with champions of your choice.

Its Mythic Passive grants all other Legendary items 5% Magic Penetration and 5% Armor Penetration.

  • Buy rate: 6.6%
  • Win rate: 51.0%

7. The Collector

The Collector is one of the newer items that have gained popularity in a very short time. It gives your champion +55 Attack Damage, +20 Critical Strike Chance and +12 Lethality. With him, every time that champion kills the enemy champion he will get an additional 25 Gold and all enemy champions below 5% Health will be killed. 

What a powerful item! This is a great item during a team fight when you need to eliminate as many enemy champions with low Health as possible who are trying to avoid death by running away. Well, the Collector will literally collect them.

  • Buy rate: 6.9%
  • Win rate: 55.1%

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6. Sterak’s Gage

Sterak’s Gage gives your champion +400 Health and +50 Attack Damage, while Bloodlust restores 2% / 1.2% Health for 6 seconds (for ranged champions) upon dealing or taking damage from enemy champion. 

At the same time Lifeline allows your champion 100 Shield if he deals damage that will leave him at below 30% of Health. Also, Bloodlust can stack up to five times, one time per champion, and for ranged champions healing and bonus shielding are reduced to 60%.

  • Buy rate: 7.2%
  • Win rate: 56.9%

5. Luden’s Tempest

Luden’s Tempest is among the most famous items for ability champions, so it is often found in the build of Lux, Annie, Katarina or Fizz. And many others also use it, which only confirms how powerful the item is. It gives your champion +80 Ability Power, +600 Mana, +20 Ability Haste and +6 Magic Penetration.

Mythic Passive grants all other Legendary items 5 Magic Penetration, and Echo as unique passive, allows abilities to deal an extra 100 + 10 AP Magic Damage to the target and three objects around the target. It also reduces the 10s cooldown. 

Luden’s Tempest will help your champion become the strongest in the team, and pretty quickly, so you’ll have to be careful not to steal kills from your teammates. And your enemy champions will want to avoid your spells. A win-win situation for you and your team.

  • Buy rate: 7.3%
  • Win rate: 51.0%

4. Manamune

Oh, Manamune. Manamune is often in the build of Top Lane and ADC champions. It is a Legendary item that costs 750 Gold and gives your champion +500 Mana, +15 Ability Haste and +35 Attack Damage. If you hit an enemy champion with Ability or Attack, your champion will get 3 Bonus mana. 

When the champion raises a maximum of 360 Mana, Manamune will turn into Muramana. Every 8 seconds your champion will get a new Mana Charge. As you can see Manamune is an extremely valuable item and you will not go wrong if you include it in the build of your champion.

  • Buy rate: 7.4%
  • Win rate: 51.1%

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3. Immortal Shieldbow

Immortal Shieldbow is also a great item for ADC champions, it helps marksman champions survive burst damage and fight their enemies. So basically, buy it when you want to stay alive when fight occurs. You can buy it with Caitlyn, Diana, Jinx or other marksman champions. 

It will give your champion +50 Attack Damage, +10 Life Steal, +20 Attack Speed, and +20 Critical Strike Chance. Also, it will give you 275 – 650 Shield when your champion takes damage that will reduce his Health below 30%. But that’s why they will get 15 – 35 Attack Damage in 8 seconds. Mythic Passive grants all other Legendary items 5 Attack Damage and 50 Health.

  • Buy rate: 7.4%
  • Win rate: 50.2%

2. Galeforce

Galeforce is a great item for ADC champions who are immobile, as Jinx, Jhin or Kog’Maw because it allows them to dodge enemy spells. Galeforce gives + 20% Attack Speed, +60 Attack Damage and + 20% Critical Strike Chance. 

It makes your champion dash into the enemy champion by firing three fire missiles at the same time into the enemy champion with the lowest Health. It deals +45 Attack Damage while magic damage is increased by up to 50% against low Health enemy champions. Mythic Passive grants all other Legendary items 2% Move Speed.

  • Buy rate: 8.2%
  • Win rate: 50.5%

1. Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass saves lives. Literally. It is not without reason at the top of the list of most popular items in the League of Legends. Everyone who uses it knows how important it is at the right time to cast it on their champions to save their own lives. Zhonya’s Hourglass gives you +65 Ability Power, +45 Armor and +10 Ability Haste. 

When active, it allows your champion to be unvulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, while at the same time your champion cannot cast other spells or move. All in all, Zhonya’s Hourglass is a very valuable item to include in your build if you don’t want to die during teamfight.

  • Buy rate: 12.1%
  • Win rate: 54.3%


We have reached the end of the list of the 10 most popular items in the League of Legends. Of course, this list can be expanded, there are certainly many more items that are used regularly, but this time we chose these ten. 

You’ll probably recognize most of them even if you may not use them, but it’s worth mentioning why they’re so popular. Some of the items are key to keeping your champion at its peak, so it doesn’t hurt to do a little research and study the builds of professional League of Legends players. 

Have fun while trying out different builds on your champion and share your experiences with the rest of the League of Legends community.

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