Can Poppy’s W Stop Malphite’s Ultimate?

Can Poppy’s W Stop Malphite’s Ultimate? League of Legends Guide

Poppy is a strong top-laner that can be played in the jungle as well. She is quite tanky and has a lot of HP and stats that helps her soak the damage for her team. Poppy also has an ability that cancels any dashes that the enemy champions do around her.

This is a great ability that forces the enemy to wait for your spell to run out so that they can use their abilities. If they dash during your W, they will get knocked up and will waste their dash or jump.

One question that most players ask is whether or not Poppy’s W can stop Malphite’s ultimate. Since Malphite technically dashes during his ultimate, can Poppy make it useless and cancel it?

Malphite’s ultimate cannot be stopped by Poppy’s W. Since Malphite becomes unstoppable during his ultimate, you cannot cancel it no matter what ability you use. 

If you are curious to know what Poppy does, continue reading to find out. Plus, we will also talk about Malphite’s abilities if you are a new player that isn’t familiar with the champion. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

What Does Poppy Do?

What does Poppy Do? League of Legends

As aforementioned, Poppy is a tanky champion that loves to be the frontline and soak all the damage. As such, she has a lot of tanky stats and HP. Her Q allows her to smash her hammer to the ground to deal damage and slow any enemies hit by it.

After a second, the area where her hammer landed will explode, dealing more damage and slowing the enemies again. This is a great way to poke them if they get too close.

Poppy tanky champion League of Legends

Poppy’s W – which is the main ability of this guide – allows her to create an area around her where no enemies can dash, jump, or use any mobility spells. Even if you use any mobility items like Galeforce, it will be canceled.

This is a great spell against mobile champions. It not only wastes their spells but also knocks them up. They will be useless for a second or two since they will be in the air and will have their spell wasted. If your team has a champion like Yasuo, they can use their ultimate with your W.

That’s not all though. Her W also grants her increased movement speed as well. This makes it quite easy to gank a lane, chase, or run away from the enemy.

Poppy E League of Legends explained

Your E allows Poppy to drag an enemy and slam them. While this is a good way to close the gap and deal a bit of damage to them, the best way to use this ability is to slam them against a wall.

If you slam the target against a wall, they will be stunned for a second or two. Keep in mind that this ability goes in a straight line. So, you cannot control it. However, it is quite easy to slam them into a wall considering how many hard surfaces are there in the game.

Use this ability to stun them and deal damage with your Q. You will either kill them by the end of your combo or you can safely get back while they cannot move.

Poppy spell in League of Legends Guide

Finally, her R is a great spell that can be used in multiple ways. Firstly, you can use it to knock up the target and hit them while they cannot do anything. However, if you charge it, you can knock them far in the distance toward their base.

This can be used to either send the enemy jungler flying when they come to gank you or when they are taking the dragon. Plus, you can also use it to send half of the enemy team back to their base so that you have the number’s advantage.

How to Counter Malphite’s Ultimate

How to counter Malphite’s Ultimate? League of Legends

Now that we’ve taken a look at what both Poppy and Malphite do, let’s talk about how you can counter his ultimate. It is quite clear that you cannot block his ultimate with your W, you must instead rely on your Flash.

Since Poppy is a relatively immobile champion, you cannot dodge Malphite’s ultimate just by moving around. If he presses his R on you, there is a 100% chance that you are going to get hit.

Even if you charge your R and use it, Malphite will still not be thrown away thanks to being unstoppable. So, as an immobile champion, you can only rely on your summoner spell to dodge his ultimate.

How to counter Malphite Ultimate? League of Legends

However, if you are playing a champion that has a dash or can move around thanks to their mobility, you will have an easier time avoiding Malphite’s ultimate. Champions like Lucian, Zeri, Tristana, Ahri, and Zed are great counters to his ultimate just to name a few.

Keep in mind that his R can still hit you if he uses it in front of you. If he places it just right, you will still get hit regardless if you dash or not. Since his R has a radius in which it damages and knocks people up, use your dash extremely carefully.

Buy Zhonya’s Hourglass and counter Malphite Ultimate in League of Legends

Other than that, if you are playing a mage, you can always purchase Zhonya’s Hourglass and use it whenever Malphite is using his ultimate on you. This will allow you to become untargetable and invulnerable for a few seconds. During this time, Malphite’s R will be wasted and you will not die instantly to him.

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