What Is The Average Age of a League of Legends Player?

What Is The Average Age of a League of Legends Player?

League of Legends was released in 2009 and has become wildly popular in the last decade, it was the game that introduced many to the world of MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)  and is said to be one of the greatest online games ever made. With millions of players around the world, there’s a question that comes to mind, what is the age of players that you are randomly queued with, are they mature experienced players generally or are you facing a tough against some 14 year olds?

 The average game of League of Legends player is around 21 years old, according to a survey by ESPN. The average age varies from region to region and server to server

League of Legends has over 150 million players that are registered with a game. The game has a reputation of being dominated by a younger player pool but the reality is actually far from that.

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Distribution of Players

There are different kinds of players that you encounter while playing League of Legends, and you might be able to identify them if you have been playing it for some time. Based on their playing style and also how they interact with the enemy team or their team through voice chat or text chat, it’s not hard to distinguish them.

Around 75% of the players are under the age of 25, according to a wide scaled poll posted on Reddit, 21-24 is the largest age group, while 18-20 group contributes to around 27% of the total players.

Female Players

Women only account for around 12-15% of the total players, but as we all know, this is the same for every game online game. Women usually contribute less to the total population of gamers.

Female Russian Team

All-female Russian League of Legends Team, Veavictis

  • Almost 67% percent of the female players like to play as a jungler or fill in order to help their team and other more effective roles, on the other hand, men mostly prefer to play Mid role.
  • 68% percent of the female players are in a relationship and play the game with their spouse or boyfriend.
  • Sadly, 79% percent of the female players have been verbally harassed after or during a game (this might a reason largely contributing to why we see such a small female player base).

Effect of Age and Distribution on the Game-play

Effect of Age and Distribution on the Game-play

It’s the community of a game that truly holds its essence and community is of course directly impacted the players and players are in turn affected by the community, this is the delicate circle of multiplayer gaming. Having a majority of mature and older players is always a positive for a game, mature players offer a more welcoming and tolerable experience for the fresh players.

Mature players have generally aged with the game itself and know the game from top to bottom. It’s always a pleasant experience to have a mature and seasoned player on your side, even playing against a mature can be quite rewarding and fruitful.

Having relatively young players (13-16) in your game might be a little troublesome, these players generally have a short temper and can demonstrate some toxic behavior, well “some” might be an understatement. League of Legends is dubbed to be the most toxic game ever but these young players are not the only ones responsible for that, there are numerous factors that contribute to this infamousness. Playing against or with young players can also be productive for your League skills, as they adopt a more aggressive playstyle and it may also help you perform under pressure.

On a very basic level, we play games to have a good time and that is not possible online until the players try to make it comfortable and pleasant for each other.

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